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The Pricer Offers a Cost List in 10 Different Categories


Suceava, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2017 -- The Pricer now offers consumers the most recent information on how a variety of products and services cost. They provide the cost information on 7 different categories namely, Auto, Tech, Health and Beauty, Travel, Business, Education, Family and Lifestyle, Fancy, Weird, and Pets.

On the Tech category, readers can find cost of gadgets and online services. For health and beauty, The Price provides price information on beauty products and treatments, medical matters, as well as fitness and weight loss. On business, details on job and business startup ideas, rentals, and services are delivered. The Family and Lifestyle category is filled with information on home and gardening, weddings, babies and children, fashion, entertainment, and sports and hobbies. Aside from costs, discounts, if there are any, are also included in the website.

The Pricer also offers opportunities to those who want to work with them. They offer a chance for businesses to advertise on their platform and writers to create articles for them. Advertising on the Pricer can be done in two ways: through posting a promotional article or links and/or banner ads. When a client submits a promotional article, the Pricer will make its own research about the product or service first then will send their own review of it to the client. They will ensure that the information on the client's submitted article coincides with the information they have acquired from their own research. On the other hand, banners and links are displayed on the website without any more research needed.

For interested writers, The Pricer requires the submission of the idea to them first through the contact form to check that it is not yet scheduled for a future release anytime soon. The requirements for the articles include proper English format, compliance to The Pricer's text style, well-researched content, and Copyscape approved.

For those interested in advertising on The Price or writing for them, they must send an email through the contact form and wait for the reply within 24 hours. It may take longer if the message submitted contains an article idea since The Price team will take some time to research the topic and create an article that can be published on the website.

About The Pricer
The Pricer is a blog containing updated costs of different merchandises and services. It is comprised of a team of writers whose main task is to provide and deliver updated price information on a variety of products and services. The company is dedicated to assisting businesses and individuals alike in getting the best deals for professional or personal purposes. It is the guarantee of The Pricer that each article published on their website is well-researched and comes from a documentation of both offline and online sources so that the price information indicated in these articles are recent.

While composed of a team of writers, The Pricer may also hire freelancers to aid them in writing topics that require professional help.

The Pricer