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The Products Offered by This Company Are a Revolutionary Breakthrough in the Countertops Industry

The Dekton Countertops That Will Be Offered By Granstone Ottawa Are A Good Replacement To Granite Countertops


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- That Granstone Ottawa is launching Dekton countertops is an exciting news for clients who have responded with enthusiasm to the granite, marble and quartz countertops the company has previously been offering. Granstone Ottawa points out that among the cutting-edge innovations that have happened recently, the discovery of the Dekton material stands out and that this material is being used for making kitchen as well as bathroom countertops throughout the world.

In fact, the same inorganic materials that are used for producing porcelain and glass are used for making Dekton as well. Not only that, the material has some amazing features that have brought about a revolutionary breakthrough in the countertop industry. Thanks to its durability, the material is highly sought after in the industry.

The metal-like finish of Dekton is another feature that significantly contributes to its growing popularity. A process called Particle Sintering is used for creating the material. In this process, the makers create a compound by pressing the raw materials with a massive press of 25,000-ton weight.

The scratch-and-stain resistant surface, color stability and its power to resist even extreme temperatures make Dekton countertops highly popular among consumers. While chemicals have to be used for maintaining Granite Ottawa countertops, Dekton countertops do not need any chemicals for their maintenance.

Granstone says that they will now be offering a wide range of exquisite Dekton countertops. They will be offering these countertops in various designs and colors as well.

A spokesperson of Granstone says, "Here at Granstone, we are all about cutting-edge innovation and when it comes to countertops, one of the most innovative and practical materials available in the market is Dekton. Not many people know the amazing qualities of Dekton and that is why we want to introduce this amazing product to our customers. Not only is Dekton ideal for kitchen work surfaces, especially in restaurants and busy kitchens, it is also very durable, easy to clean and has no water absorption." The company emphatically says that Dekton countertops will work very well as a replacement of Ottawa Granite countertops.

Granstone urges its potential customers to know more about the Dekton countertops they are offering for which they ask them to visit their official website. The company assertively says they are confident that their existing customers who have already been buying their Granite Counter tops Ottawa as well as new customers will be convinced about the best aspects of the Dekton countertops they are now offering and will place their orders.

About Granstone
Granstone that is based in Ottawa, Canada and that has been a granite countertop specialist company, is now bringing out an exquisite range of Dekton countertops. They will be offering these countertops in various colors and designs. Customers can visit the official website of the company and know more about the Dekton countertops they will be offering.

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