Progressive Radio Network

The Progressive Radio Network (PRN) Opens Doors for Everyone to Listen to Internet Radio Station

PRN internet Radio Station has a number of hosts which are knowledgeable of topics such as politics, health, news, art, culture and matters which directly impact the lives of its listeners.


Windsor Mill, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- Internet Radio is audio transmitted through the internet. Broadcasting using the internet is termed as webcasting since it is not being transmitted broadly through wireless means. Internet Radio involves streaming media which presents continuous stream of audio to listeners without the ability of being paused or replayed. Most internet Radio Stations these days, offer news, sports, talk and different music genres to listen to. There are also some Internet Radio Stations which are associated with “traditional” radio stations or radio networks.

Internet Radio can be listened to on a basic Personal Computer laptop or similar device through a fixed player program located on the radio station’s website. However, these days, listening to internet radio is as easy as having a mobile phone and data connection.

Internet Radio can be listed to almost all media as long as there is a good internet connection. For mobile phones for instance, there are already numerous applications available for free Internet Radio Station Streaming. In June 2012, Progressive Radio Network offered a free application in Google play which allows android smart phone users to listen to the radio station for free.

Progressive Radio Network is an independent, non-commercial internet radio station which is dedicated in providing the best talk and music for everyone in the web. PRN collected all good music, topics and articles all in one place. It also provides latest information about news and interesting current events all across the globe. Adding on the new innovation of The Progressive Radio Network is the listener’s ability to listen to live internet radio, archive and podcast favourite shows as well as calling in line. Listeners can also keep in touch with the Internet Radio Station’s hosts anytime via Facebook and Twitter.

PRN internet Radio Station has a number of hosts which are knowledgeable of topics such as politics, health, news, art, culture and matters which directly impact the lives of its listeners. The station plays songs of all genre at the perfect timing. Conceptualizing the free Google play application is one the internet radio station’s way to reach out to all its audiences all across the globe. With this application, it is easy for millions of listeners to stream unlimited amount of songs and topics. This will also allow listeners to listen to radio anytime and anywhere as long as they have their android phones with them and a reliable internet connection. Everyone just have to click and download the Progressive Radio Network Application via Google play. Another good thing about listening to this venue is that the download is free of charge. Everyone can listen and stream good satisfying music and the right talk. After all, a good internet radio station should always be free.

About Progressive Radio Network (PRN)
Progressive Radio Network (PRN)is the thinking person’s network. We are a non-commercial and listener supported station, focused on creating premium content that is distributed for free. Our knowledgeable hosts speak passionately about important topics such as health, news, politics, art, culture and issues that directly impact our everyday lives. Our voices and ideas are not always welcome by corporate media so Progressive Radio Network is an important outlet for these great minds.

Progressive Radio Network is an internet radio station driven by passion. We value and appreciate all the feedback we receive from our listeners.