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The Prototype Casting Inc. Offers Prototype Casting for Testing a Product Before Production

The Prototype casting Inc. offers prototype casting providing the benefit of testing a product before production.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- The Prototype casting Inc. offers prototype casting providing the benefit of testing a product before production. Their services are critical before final production of the product as they offer the luxury of changing the final prototype cast of the product if does not look, feel or function as it should. One can make adjustments to the prototype to achieve exactly what one want before going for mass production.

With the use of advancement in technology and their professional expertise in prototyping, it is very much possible to achieve the exact weight and tolerances of the final product. If problems are detected in the prototype cast, then they have much cheaper option to fix it than during production. Once their experts verify design functionality through prototype castings, cost-effective hard tooling can be fabricated.

They also make use of rapid prototype casting which allows a physical object to be formed by adding a material layer by layer until the desired shape is achieved. Rapid prototyping allows more flexibility than machining because complex model designs does not suffer any limitations during its production. Rapid prototyping enables engineers and product designers to generate three dimensional models quickly and more accurately.

The prototype castings they implement make use of a variety of materials to create different three dimensional objects one of them is Zinc casting. Zinc casting is castable to closer tolerances than other metals or molded plastics, therefore providing the opportunity to reduce or eliminate machining. Rapid investment castings help identify opportunities for design optimization before the manufacturing process begins thus effectively shortening lead times and improving production capabilities.

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The Prototype casting Inc. offers the services to simulate the die-cast parts before paying for expensive hard tooling, to test for form, fit, and function while eliminating any sort of design flaws other problems which can be too costly. Rapid prototype casting becomes more important when one need to meet stringent project deadlines.

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