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The Pureganic Companion: New Book Is the Preventative Maintenance Manual for the Human Body

Written by Keiryn L. Satynda and Erika L. Satynda, this comprehensive guide to the ‘pureganic’ movement is jam-packed with information about the body, super foods, avoiding disease, nutrition and much, much more! Offering 112 sumptuous recipes, a 30-Day diet plan and backed by proven science, ‘The Pureganic Companion’ is the vital next step in achieving optimal, glowing health.


Pahoa, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Keiryn and Erika Satynda are the living embodiments of “practice what you preach.”

Residing on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Satyndas believe in being connected and nurtured by their environment (and vice versa), while farming, raising a family, and living the ‘pureganic’ way – a movement they’ve spear-headed through their popular website, upcoming documentary film and now, the release of their book, ‘The Pureganic Companion’.

Perhaps the first people to ever say, “move over organic!” the Satyndas contend there is a better way to find ‘super wellness’ than just eating organic foods and exercising three times a week.

With ‘The Pureganic Companion’, the authors detail their approach to ultimate purity in food, diet and farming. Casting out the harmful additives, pesticides and other nastiness, the Satyndas offer a different method – through recipes for making cheese, sauerkraut and more, to natural remedies and a holistic, gentle approach to losing weight and keeping it off – for good.

The Pureganic Companion is THE preventive maintenance manual for the human body — a detailed and fascinating look at how your body works, how to achieve optimal health, avoid disease and learn to thrive! With over 550 pages, it is packed with unique options for super wellness that work!

Move over organic… this book sets a new standard for a higher quality of purity in our food, diet, and farming. The organic standards have become watered down with fancy new names for old harmful additives, and lower quality ingredients. We all deserve better. The Pureganic Companion raises the bar for a lifestyle of high-quality wellness. It has never been more important to take control of your own health than now. This book will show you how! Learn to increase vitality, become personally responsible for your own wellness, and be your own doctor.

This comprehensive guide includes easy-to-read scientific information on the body, a 30-Day Diet Plan, original recipes, detailed charts on nutrition, superfoods, remedies, and more. All 112 delicious recipes are 100% pureganic and free of toxins, preservatives, chemicals, and harmful sweeteners.

Learn to be a Pureganic Chef Extraordinaire, with information on sprouting, fermenting, grinding your own grains, and making your own cheeses, spice blends, condiments, smoothies, healthy desserts, salad dressings, and much more. Learn how to create your own live probiotic cultures for kefir, kombucha, sourdough, sauerkraut, and more!

Authors Keiryn and Erika Satynda have also detailed one of the most effective and holistic methods for losing weight and keeping the weight off, with an emphasis on detoxification, re-nutrification, the importance of minerals, digestive support, raw foods, and immune system boosting. Every choice you make is important! This handy, must-have reference guide is your trusted companion on the path to health and vitality.

Since its release, ‘The Pureganic Companion’ has wowed readers and changed their lives. Many have come online to share their experiences and offer glowing reviews.

"...I think you have drastically undercharged for your Pure Organic Companion! The information found within is priceless and I just cannot thank you enough for what you have done here... it is that valuable and I can see you put a lot of work into it,” wrote H. Thomas.

“I thought I was well informed about nutrition, but the Pureganic Companion takes it to a whole new level. I learned so much from this book! It covers a staggering range of information on superfoods and goes into areas that were eye-opening to me, such as the importance of acid and alkaline states in the body. The recipes alone would be worth the price of the book; they all sound delicious and most are fairly simple to prepare,” wrote Elisabeth Hallett.

Saying, “what a find!” Jeanne wrote: “I've been looking for so long for a book that could actually help me learn the things I wanted to know about health, without trying to push on me the things that I know are not good for me. The Pureganic Companion really exceeded my expectations. It covers all the bases when it comes to learning about how and why we need to be healthy, and how to make healthy food. The recipes are easy to read, and so many of them! For every type of food, meal, snack, dessert and more there are great recipes written with a lot of personality.”

‘The Pureganic Companion’ is available now: http://www.pureganiccompanion.com/

About Keiryn and Erika Satynda
Keiryn and Erika Satynda live on the Big Island of Hawaii, farming and raising a family while maintaining a close, natural relationship to their environment. They are devoted to living a pureganic life and offering their knowledge and experience to those who are interested.

Keiryn Satynda has spent many years catering, and Erika likes to refer to him as the best cook in the world. His extensive background in catering led him to study the alchemy of food and the spiritual and medicinal aspects of the culinary arts in Mexico for several years before coming to Hawaii.

Erika Satynda is a 1999 graduate of the Chef’s Training Program at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in New York City. Her culinary training has inspired her to help promote the connection between food, sustenance, and nurturance.

In addition to farming, their entrepreneurial endeavors include the production of over 40 purely organic health and wellness products. They have established more than 14 websites introducing their products, and are passionately dedicated to health education, sharing their knowledge of overall wellness, and their specific interests in bamboo, cacao, mushrooms, skin care, and more.

Websites created by the Satyndas include: http://www.TradewindsNursery.com, http://www.weaverandreedpublishing.com, and www.pureganiccompanion.com. On these websites, one can learn a great deal of information pertaining to health.

Keiryn and Erika have very much enjoyed authoring The Pureganic Companion, and look forward to the creation of many other books in the near future.