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The Qi Standard Is Now Providing Mobile Energy via WaveJuice


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2013 -- Wireless technology has come a long way since its conception, the same going for mobile technology. Back in the 80s and 90s, cell phones were the size of bricks, housing inefficient batteries, and lacking true mobility.

Over the years cell phones became smaller and smaller, more efficient, and the wireless technologies that powered their systems became faster and more secure.

And now with the age of the smart phone, cell phones and mobile devices have nearly replaced larger computer systems, thus allowing people to take care of all of their electronic needs and more directly from the palm of their hand. However, the batteries of these devices are sometimes as inefficient as their forefathers, either requiring people to carry around a charging cable, or a mobile battery pack.

Going back to general wireless technology, wireless signals aren't just for transferring information any more. Through the use of electromagnetic induction, actual energy can be transferred from one point to another wirelessly, in this case a battery pack to a cell phone.

The WaveJuice wireless battery pack capitalizes on this technology, allowing people to charge their mobile devices without even plugging them in, anywhere or anytime. The battery pack also allows charging via a USB cable, which theoretically means anyone can charge any device that is able to draw power from a USB port.

The WaveJuice operates on the Qi standard, which is being widely adopted in places like airports and public transit stations to allow people to charge their devices by just placing them on top of a charging pad.

However, placing just any device on top of the WaveJuice or a charging pad won't yield the results of a charged mobile device. To be able to use the WaveJuice, there either must be a charging tag attached to the battery, or the device must have a mobile charging case, either or both of which are included with the WaveJuice.

Usage of the charging tag or case will also enable any device to be used at any Qi compliant charging station in the world. This device is truly the start of an era where all mobile devices, or more, will always have power and never run out of juice.

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