The QuickBooks .TLG File – A Treasure Trove That Should Be Guarded at All Costs


Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2019 -- In QuickBooks, the Transaction Log File or the TLG file is one of several files that QuickBooks creates whenever you open your company file in a new place and is there to help recover data in case your main file gets corrupted.

It is recommended that the .TLG file be kept in the same folder as the QuickBooks company file, the .QBW file, at all times. If the .QBW file is moved or copied somewhere, the .TLG file should be copied with it.

"A huge concern today is the .TLG file growing substantially faster and bigger than the actual .QBW file. A large TLG file can not only affect QuickBooks performance, but backup options may not include the file by default, and would not reset it either," E-Tech's Technical Service Manager, John Rocha said.

E-Tech is a leading QuickBooks consultancy service provider in North America.

"Trouble also comes when QuickBooks is trying to write to this huge .TLG file in addition to doing its real work, and if it's too big, the computer runs out of memory. This causes errors and unexpected shutdowns in QuickBooks."

Rocha stressed the importance of QuickBooks backup files. "If you are using a backup feature, make sure you include the TLG file in your set of files that are backed up, as it adds one more level of safety to your recovery plan, in case you run into unfortunate situations."

This is also especially important if you have damaged data in your QBW file that cannot be recovered. "A good backup and matching TLG file may be what you need to get back to the point before the damage occurred, and then move forward to your current state.

Remember that if you delete the TLG file, QuickBooks will just start another, but it will have limited use as it is incomplete," Rocha said.

E-Tech offers a service to recover data from the .TLG file and replay it back to a previous backup of the data file. The service will recover lost QuickBooks data by merging data in the TLG file into a previous backup (QBB) or copy of the data file.

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