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The Radio Agency Discusses Rush Limbaugh and the Enduring Importance of Radio Advertising


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2019 -- The Radio Agency has industry-leading expertise in the field of all things pertaining to audio advertising, and understands how radio can be a powerful tool in reaching target audiences. Recently, America's most listened to radio host Rush Limbaugh illustrated the continuing commercial value of radio commercial advertising on both a local and a national level.

A listener called in to suggest that Limbaugh expand the reach of his show by making it available through YouTube for a younger demographic.

As recorded by Radio Ink (who kindly granted permission to reprint segments of their report), Limbaugh replied that, "I'm in radio. Radio is my business. Radio's what I'm best at. I own it. I love it."

Limbaugh went on to explain why he doesn't think YouTube is right for him. "I've got a Dittocam here. I don't need YouTube. I've got Why should I help some other business enterprise?"

Limbaugh further stated that, "It's just the best (on radio) if it's done right, and it's because you're not watching anything at the same time that's distracting you. A good radio guy or girl/woman paints the pictures that you see, or you do it yourself. But the intimacy that radio can cause to happen also enhances persuade-ability out the wazoo, because it's in that intimacy that you develop the trust and the believability, hopefully, that the audience invests in you."

The numbers back up Limbaugh's stance, as national advertisers consistently invest large sums to connect with his audience and continue to invest based on their return on investment. The results prove radio's effectiveness as an advertising medium, and also demonstrate why the services of The Radio Agency can be so valuable to companies looking to broaden their advertising outreach.

Those considering advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show either nationally or locally, or some other radio program or audio platform, are encouraged to contact The Radio Agency today for expert guidance to launch and profitably manage the campaign.

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