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The Radio Agency Encourages Advertisers to Jump on Radio Advertising for the Holidays Before It's Too Late


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- Mark Lipsky, CEO & Creative Director of The Radio Agency, encourages advertisers to lock in their holiday radio schedules now before it's too late. For over two decades, ad agency partners and marketers have relied on The Radio Agency's radio advertising advice and expertise to gain more visibility for their businesses.

"We are just two weeks away from radio's busiest season," Lipsky advises. "Advertising inventory will become scarce. Market conditions will cause advertising rates to rise. The personalities you'd like to read your marketing message may well be locked out due to an agreement with a direct competitor who's planning and placing their buy today."

AM/FM radio is traditionally the hardest hit by the holiday rush. Radio's prime time for advertising (during the morning and afternoon) is the first to go, but even radio advertising inventory at nights and on weekends will become hard to buy from mid-November right up until Christmas.

SiriusXM will start selling out its radio advertising, starting with its most prominent Spoken Word channels like Fox News and Howard 100. Streaming services like Spotify and Pandora will find inventory scarce, first among its most popular audience demographics and eventually across the board. Sponsorship messaging on most of the popular Podcasts are already sold out through the end of the calendar year.

"Every year, we hear from an advertiser in late November who asks to place a December advertising schedule," Lipsky relates. But unless there's significant flexibility in where that schedule can run, those late-to-the-party inquiries often end in disappointment."

"Just like seats on an airplane," Lipsky offers, "Once the inventory is gone, there's nothing left to sell. There are only so many seats on a plane and so many commercial minutes in an hour."

The Radio Agency encourages businesses to book radio advertising space now to avoid the disappointment of a holiday season that didn't get the marketing boost it deserves. Contact the company directly at 800-969-2636 to learn more about the radio advertising space currently available.

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