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The Radio Agency Founder, Mark Lipsky, Speaks About the Power of Modern Radio Advertising


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2016 -- Mark Lipsky, who heads The Radio Agency, a radio-only advertising firm, was recently featured on a Sweet Fish Media podcast to discuss the relevancy of radio advertising campaigns in today's marketplace. In a fast-paced 15-minute conversation, Lipsky went into detail discussing what it means to advertise on radio in 2016, and why doing so can be a sound investment.

As new media—such as television, video games and the Internet—came into play throughout the 20th century, many warned that radio's death was looming. But, according to Lipsky, not only did radio reinvent and revive itself (by offering new platforms beyond AM/FM, like satellite, streaming and podcasts), it became, yet again, an exceptionally effective way advertisers could achieve success. "Radio just made the leap and has become, and remained, a ubiquitous, very personal part of our lives," said Lipsky in the interview.

In reference to the multitude of radio platforms available these days, Lipsky noted that "there are so many ways to slice and dice an audience." He noted how streaming services like Pandora and Spotify collect their subscribers' genders, birth dates and zip codes—making it easy to narrow in on a specific audience target.

Similarly, podcasts have been lauded by advertisers because they tend to be content-specific, which means their listeners are interested in that particular topic.

But these new frontiers for radio do not mean traditional AM/FM should be ignored, considering "91 percent of all adults still listen to AM/FM every week," according to Lipsky, citing recent research studies.

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