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The Radio Agency Is at the Advertisers' Rescue This Highly Competitive Election Season


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- With the Iowa Caucus just a week away, the storm of political advertising is intensifying. Many people do not know that the cost of radio advertising for political candidates is lower than the price most others pay because stations are required by law to offer it to politicians at the lowest possible rates. While this is good news for those on the campaign trail, it means stations are making less money than usual. And worse yet for everyday advertisers, they face a huge uptick in competition for available air time, and reluctance from the stations to sell them time at anything below premium rates.

Fortunately, The Radio Agency is available to mentor advertisers through the seemingly eternal upcoming campaign season, by offering expertise on how to stay afloat as the primaries and caucuses ensue. These strategies and tactics work well for both radio brand advertisers and direct response advertising clients.

Mark Lipsky, owner of The Radio Agency, suggests that advertisers pay close attention to when primaries are taking place in the states in which their audiences live. He also says to expect difficulty in swing states and to expect difficulty clearing ad time in states where gubernatorial, congressional and senatorial races are scheduled.

According to Lipsky, once advertisers gain awareness of what to expect, they can develop backup plans accordingly, ensuring that hibernating through the election season will be unnecessary. They can advertise on media beyond AM/FM (like satellite, Internet and podcasts) or develop cross-promotions with other brands.

For those who are interested in working with The Radio Agency to develop a detailed advertising strategy this election season, please visit their website, or call 800-969-2636.

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