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The Radio Agency Now Accepting Clients for Radio Advertising on Siriusxm Satellite Radio


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2013 -- The Radio Agency is now accepting clients who wish to place radio advertising schedules on SiriusXM Satellite Radio for Summer 2013 radio campaigns.

“The cost for radio advertising on SiriusXM radio is surprisingly affordable,” says Mark Lipsky, president of The Radio Agency. “Radio spot advertising can be placed on SiriusXM delivering national exposure at the cost of a radio advertising schedule in a local radio market.”

Lipsky attributes the cost efficiencies of radio advertising on SiriusXM to its national audience of 24 million subscribers and its 150+ channels of programming.

“Roughly half of the SiriusXM Radio channels accept commercial radio advertising,” Lipsky explains. “And when you apportion the total SiriusXM listening audience across all of its channels, any one channel delivers an audience similar in size to a strong, local market station. And since the cost of radio advertising is based on audience size, this makes SiriusXM an affordable alternative to the major, national broadcast networks.”

Like AM/FM Radio, SiriusXM Radio can pinpoint target listeners by interest, but with much greater depth of selection. In addition to commercial-free music stations, SiriusXM subscribers can choose from:

- One-of-a-kind Talk Programming from Howard Stern, Dr. Laura and Michael Smerconish
- Female Themed Channels including Oprah Radio and Cosmo Radio
- Sports Programming from ESPN and play-by-play coverage of all MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA games
- Comedy Channels from Comedy Central, Jamie Foxx and others
- Cable Channel Audio from CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and others
- Political Talk Channels for Conservatives, Liberals and Down-the-Middle Moderates

SiriusXM subscribers index higher than the general population with an average household income above $100,000. They can afford the discretionary dollars to pay for satellite radio and many advertisers, in virtually every category, find this audience both attractive and responsive.

“We have clients on SiriusXM Satellite Radio 52 weeks a year,” says Lipsky. “We’ve learned which channels perform best for specific brands and categories. And management at SiriusXM respects that every dollar The Radio Agency spends in media goes to radio. So they always want their rates to be competitive and our clients to be happy.”

Find out more about The Radio Agency and how a person can place a campaign on SiriusXM Satellite Radio by visiting or calling The Radio Agency at (800) 969-AMFM.