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The Radio Agency Now Accepting Clients for Remnant Radio Advertising


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- The Radio Agency has access to America’s lowest-priced, remnant radio advertising rates. Direct marketers and national brands seeking to leverage their buying power can tap into broadcasting’s most affordable and targetable mass advertising medium through The Radio Agency.

“Air time is a perishable commodity,” observes Mark Lipsky, president and CEO of The Radio Agency. “If advertising time goes unsold, you can’t reverse time to sell that expired inventory. So local radio stations, national networks and digital radio services regularly discount their valuable commercial time when projections show that that time will go unsold. Getting even a deeply-discounted rate for their advertising time is better than letting it go unsold.”

In direct advertising, radio purchased at discounted rates means a higher, more profitable ROI for the advertiser, since the same response of a full-priced campaign is now being purchased at a lower cost. Direct response radio marketers can still measure and manage results, using unique toll-free numbers, URLs or promo codes to source performance.

In brand advertising, radio delivers millions of gross impressions at a fraction of the cost of a typical, branding campaign, due to the distressed nature of the inventory.

“A powerful, remnant radio marketing campaign requires foresight,” says Lipsky. “The available inventory changes from week-to-week and can sometimes vanish within an hour of it becoming available. That’s why the smartest remnant buyers set aside funds in advance to purchase this deeply-discounted inventory as soon as it becomes available. While other brands are debating whether or not to buy, they snap up the bargain-priced inventory and replenish their coffers to strike again next week.”

The Radio Agency can help advertisers structure a monthly remnant radio advertising budget and identify those programs, stations, formats and networks that will best deliver their target audiences. Then, when inventory becomes available, they’ll be perfectly poised to make a remnant purchase.

“Many national brands have a three-tiered media budget in place,” explains the 20-year radio agency president. “It starts with a core national buy layered with tactical local market spend. Then, there’s a remnant budget available to fortify overall performance with deeply-discounted local and national remnant buys.”

Remnant buys can be placed to strategically target a listener’s age, gender or geography, as well as by day or day part.

Advertisers interested in planning or purchasing remnant radio advertising time should contact Mark Lipsky at The Radio Agency by phone (800-969-AMFM) or email (

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