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The Radio Agency Shares How Podcasts Help Connect with Potential Consumers


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2020 -- As they continue their growth in popularity, podcasts are becoming one of the most effective ways of connecting with prospective clients and generating leads. In a recent podcast with digital advertising expert Jason Swenk, Mark Lipsky of The Radio Agency discussed how starting a podcast can act as a valuable new marketing platform and effective ways to create advertising strategies for the medium.

Americans may stream over 550 million podcasts in a given month, which has led Lipsky and The Radio Agency to observe how the platform has changed audio entertainment for the better. For those accustomed to talk radio, podcasts give that audience what they have been missing as AM and FM start to shy away from the format. Another benefit to this platform is the ability for listeners to tune in at their convenience and even rewind to a specific part or play the podcast again in its entirety.

Lipsky believes the strongest aspect of podcasts, especially when it comes to advertising, is hearing the tones and nuances of the broadcaster's voice. Having a genuine attitude while speaking to an audience will pull listeners in, and eventually draw more attention to the podcast's sponsors.

A sense of sincerity in the speaker's voice is essential in convincing the listener to buy something they want, as opposed to merely selling something. The Radio Agency helps companies shape their podcast advertising to be conversational and presented in a way that explains the product. The goal should be for the listener to want to find out more about the product. Giving an aggressive sales approach will result in listeners skipping through the ad.

The Radio Agency is proud to help other digital agencies with radio and podcast advertising, especially if audio advertising is not in their wheelhouse. In many cases, they can help them with advertising bids for other companies who are not as versed with radio advertising.

Companies looking to partner with an agency that can assist with podcast sponsorship should contact The Radio Agency today.

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