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The Real Deal: SAT Scores Matter?


Great Neck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- Do SAT scores prove life success? At least some believe it is. Many employers request for SAT scores, even for the middle-aged applicants, Wall Street Journal recently reported. While entry level job applicants are usually asked for SAT scores, it is now becoming a trend among many employers to ask those who are in their 40s and 50s for these numbers. Various companies, such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Bain and Co. mentioned that the test scores helped them decide "whether someone has the raw brainpower required for the job,'' the journal also cited.

A low score does not reduce the chance of getting hired. Hiring managers point out that SAT and other college entrance exams aid them in assessing a candidate’s suitability for the job. There are companies who set targets on SAT sections. However, there are firms who do not set a minimum score for applicants. Candidates will then be measured for other strengths, such as leadership skills and product knowledge. Other managers use the scores as standard measure for critical thinking, problem-solving skills and quantitative abilities.

Many companies use SAT scores as a measure to assess an applicant’s suitability and competence for a particular job post. However, Joseph Soares, a sociology professor at Wake Forest University and author of SAT Wars believe otherwise. He mentioned, “it is a terrible idea. Even according to the test designers, this is supposed to predict, at best, grades in the first year of college.” He further emphasized that, “this is not supposed to be a test that captures how well you’re going to do in life.”

There may be people who did not take SAT as they entered community college. Still, there are a number of people who take it seriously. Just recently, Debbie Stier published a book, “The Perfect Score Project: Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT.” Stier accounted her experience of taking SAT seven times to help encourage and prepare her son who will be entering college soon. The author did not get a perfect 2,400, but managed to raise her score by 330 points and went up to the 97th percentile. It set a motivation for Ethan, her son, who was able to surpass the second SAT by 590 points from his PSAT. Stier stated this propelled his motivation in other areas, as he got accepted into 8 out of 10 colleges to which he had applied. The author also enumerated SAT preparation tips on the book.

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