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The Real Purpose of Exercise

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Media outlets and magazines will encourage exercise as a way to burn calories and get fit. This is true, that exercise burns of excess calories we consume, but this is not the sole purpose of physical activity.

While practicality may not sell magazines or grab headlines, it should make a difference in how we look at physical activity as a whole. Focusing on exercise as a way of burning calories diminishes its full benefits, and diverts attention away from why a person should be engaging in physical activity to begin with.

The real purpose of exercise is to develop fitness. Fitness is improvement of the physiological functioning of the human body, and a way to improve the efficiency of all the body's systems. This may not sell magazines, but it can give a person a reason to continue being active.

Yes, working out will burn calories, but there are so many other benefits it provides. Focusing on the real purpose of exercise can often times provide the much needed motivation those who are trying to get fit need to keep going. Engaging in exercise will not only burn calories, but it will enable the body to do more “stuff.” Walk faster, run faster, and think harder, focus easier. Exercise will also improve body function and reduce pain, it will help fight off illness and improve moods. In addition to this, feeling healthy will also make a person eat healthier, which will push them ever closer to the ultimate goal of losing weight effectively through diet and exercise.

The next time a person is tempted to guilt themselves over bad food choices and jump on the treadmill to burn off the excess, don’t focus on the excess – focus on the health. That treadmill run is also improving mood in addition to burning calories. It’s providing a relief from stress in addition to ridding fat. Keeping the real purpose of exercise in the front of the mind will keep motivation coming to continue physical activity throughout a person’s life.

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