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The Recently Launched App Mega Justo and Corresponding Website Sets Stage for 2014 Brazil World Cup Bracket Contest Offering Massive Prizes


Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- Mega Justo app and newly established website have been launched to provide soccer enthusiast to enjoy the excitement of soccer’s biggest event complimented with the chance to win amazing Bitcoin powered pay outs by filling out their 2014 Brazil World Cup Bracket. Mega Justo’s mission as stated on the newly launched website:

“MEGA JUSTO’s mission is to transform the world of contest through BITCOIN. We are passionate about providing fair, transparent, and clear contest that combines the excitement of sports to deliver massive prizes, BITCOIN powered payouts, and unbeatable game selection in a simple and easy to use experience.”

The app aims to combine the thrill of their 2014 Brazil World Cup and great winning with the feeling of also helping out other in need. It has been expressed by the team behind the Mega Justo app that the proceeds raised from the sale of the excess entry tickets will be donated to a charity cause which the users would have selected through a voting process. The charity group will be selected after the end of the contest, every each paid entrant get the opportunity to vote for a particular charity group after the event has concluded, Mega Justo the publicly transfer the raised amount to the chosen charity group.

The Mega Justo team has chosen to deal in Bitcoins to ensure transparency and the security of the transaction. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that works as a consensus network that enables a new payment system using all digital money, due to its technical nature the dealings will be transparent. Mega Justo wishes to ensure their entrants peace of mind as much as possible by keeping the results public, the Mega Justo website states:

“Due to BITCOIN's technical transparency, all the funds we receive or spend is posted and can be viewed by the public. In addition, our company will post the results and the public will be able to verify our transparency through BITCOIN system.”

To learn more visit the Mega Justo website:

About Mega Justo App
The Mega Justo App is an app recently launched for the Android platform, the app lets users enjoy free entry to fill out their 2014 Brazil World Cup Bracket, Check the latest ranking and the tournament results invite friends to share the thrill soccer World Cup fun, send gifts to friends, and get a chance to win great Bitcoin prizes. App supports over 10 languages and people from over 50 countries have started to enjoy Mega Justo.

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