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The REDX and Two Powerhouses in the Realtor Market, Come Together


Savannah, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- The real estate market has certainly seen it’s share of ups and downs, but the one constant that realtors could always count on for quality, real-time leads is Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc. (The REDX).

REDX has accomplished a lot since being founded in 2003 and quickly become an industry leader providing information, training and quality lead-based solutions for FSBOs, Expireds and Foreclosures. Realtors use these solutions to canvas for prospects, open houses, and neighborhoods and need to do this quickly… enter

“ is a hosted CRM dialing solution designed to help realtors call more people quickly, get more listings, track them from the cradle to grave and close more deals where sales is a numbers game,” says National Sales Manager Cory Prado “and we put the numbers on the agents’ side.

The relationship between the two started almost three years ago where word was spreading to realtors about this new lead gen solution called Realizing the untapped potential of this market SalesDialers began reaching out to Real Estate coaches, lead vendors and other complementary products, which lead Cory Prado to Curtis Fenn, Chief Marketing Office for REDX.

“Success in real estate is often determined by an agents visibility in the market among consumers, having quality information at their fingertips and being able to act or react quickly with both” says Curtis Fenn. “We’re pro-business and all about giving our customers the tools they need be it with ourselves or with an organization like SalesDialers who also is a market leader in their respective industry.

Since both companies have very similar customer demographics, seamless integration between the two platforms was an easy decision in providing realtors quality leads quickly and an efficient way to contact and nurture these leads quickly. Leads are pushed into SalesDialers as they are generated by REDX in real-time so agents can react quicker and those same leads are updated in real-time in real-time as well REDX. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle that helps realtors simply close more deals.

For more information about both SalesDialers and REDX: is your innovative solution for unmatched data quality delivered easily and efficiently for realtors.

· Products include: Expireds, FSBOs and Foreclosures.
· MLS crosschecking against the MLS for accuracy.
· Unmatched data quality and verification to provide missing property owner information.

About is a web-based dialer CRM solution designed to help agents generate and nurture leads quickly and efficiently and keep their lead pipeline full.

A cloud-based solution accessible from any computer.
Provides both dialing and lead management including a calendar, email, call recording, FTC/FCC safeguards and numerous other features.
Unlimited ongoing training and support as well as sales training.