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The Release Date of the Batman v Superman Full Movie Has Been Announced


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2016 -- Finally, the movie that every DC Universe fan has been waiting for is almost here. Yes, the release date of this big movie has recently been announced and we are very proud to tell you the news. There's only less than a hundred days left. We will be seeing the long-awaited movie in theatres this March 2016. Now we will not be providing the exact date because it will depend on which country you'll be watching from.

The Movie That Had Us Waiting

The making of the movie was announced years ago along with the release of the last Superman movie. But Batman v Superman Full Movie is three times bigger than that because you will be witnessing the action coming from four times more heroes:

- Batman – We are not going to spoil to you any more information regarding the mystery behind Batman as well as the rumors going on behind it.

- Superman - Yes the actor is still going to be the same from the previous Superman movies.

- Wonder Woman – This new character was very well chosen. We have heard that a lot of big stars have actually been eyeing the role, but kudos to her for being chosen. You might be familiar of the star before as she had already starred in the Fast and Furious movies.

- Aquaman– You have seen his dragonesque charm in Game of Thrones where his element was fire. See him in an entirely new light mastering command over the element of water this time.

This is truly the movie of the year, and it was specifically crafted to appeal to every movie goer – even those who are not a fan of superhero movies. The director has focused on two qualities: action and emotion. For those who crave for some hardcore action scenes, then this movie will totally deliver. Using the latest technology in movie-making this movie's effects will totally blow your mind.

On the other hand, be ready as well for a rollercoaster of emotions. For those who are craving for dramatic scenes, then this movie is also meant for you. The story and the complicated characters of this movie will surely touch your heart and inspire you.

Another thing to watch out in the movie is the returning characters. The makers of the movie have spilled the beans that there's going to be a lot of returning characters in the film. They are also going to show the different facets of the original stories from the comic book so that is definitely something that the comic nerds should watch out for.

For more information about the movie, you may visit the website The site includes more character data and other media related to the movie. It will also release the full movie as well, so you better watch out for that! It also contains the latest superman news and other blog articles pertaining to the movie and your favourite DC characters.