The Release of Yoozpaper Version 2 Beta is Official

At this time, the beta version 2 of Yoozpaper.com has officially been released. The key features are the ability to create your own newspaper online, view the most popular articles, create online photo albums, and collaborate as groups.


Buffalo, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2011 -- At this time, the beta version 2 of Yoozpaper has officially been released. The key features at the moment are the ability to create your own newspaper online. Each paper contains 5 articles that are a minimum of 1000 characters and a maximum of 3000 characters. These articles are archived and can be searched for at any time. For each article, an image can be uploaded, a YouTube video can be embedded, and the article can be commented on. Each article must be marked with keywords and a category. This allows the website to tell what page of The Yoozpaper the article can be mapped to if it is the most popular, as well as how the article can be added to custom-made papers. These papers can be subscribed to by other Yoozers.

The Yoozpaper is the main paper of Yoozpaper.com and is the front of the website. It contains a front page, as well as pages for World, Sports, Business, Education, Technology, Travel, Home and Garden, Weather and Entertainment news. Each page of The Yoozpaper contains the top 5 most popular articles (based on view count). Currently the articles are shown as of being written 60 days ago, however this will be changing as more articles are being written. Yoozers can also make a custom paper based on date range, category, and/or keyword.

Another feature is that Yoozers can create Scrapbooks with photos that they have taken. Each of these images can be commented on just like articles. Each Scrapbook can also be made into a slideshow to view images on a loop. It's very fun adding photos!

Finally, Yoozers can do both papers and photo albums as part of groups. Yoozers join groups and collaborate to make a newspaper where anyone can write an article for a group paper that is created. Also, a group Scrapbook can be made in which each person in the group and upload photos to one scrapbook. This is great for huge events where you want all photos added to one place without having to share the photos with a specific uploader first.

Go to Yoozpaper.com and begin writing articles or uploading photos. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me on my website, blog, or on Twitter @yoozpaper.