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The Resident Spy: New Science Fiction Novel Proves History of the Human Race Is Truly at Stake

In his compelling and thought-provoking book, author Brian Kudalis portrays himself as a spy from a distant galaxy. Will he determine that Earth has the potential to be the next planet for a Reptilian/Luciferian/fallen Angel takeover?


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- Readers of Brian Kudalis’ ‘The Resident Spy’ have a start choice to make – can they accept the reality that Earth is about to stage the ultimate battle between good and evil?

The book’s plot presents this ground-breaking proposition with compelling clarity, as Kudalis discovers that Earth is the exact location of the next step in the Reptilians plan to infiltrate the source energy/heaven.

Trying not to break any of the U.C.C.C. (Universal Command and Control Centers) and the ISC (Intergalactic Space Confederations) laws, Kudalis presents his gathered Intel into a science fiction novel to entertain the masses. It’s first instalment tells the story of how his hero, Jack Cudlos, becomes Codename: Cud-D The leader of the Reptilian Resistance.

Readers are whisked into Jack's past life to discover how he is bribed during the reincarnation process by Mr.X (A ISC agent), using Jack's past life's wife as collateral in order to create a new leader of the Reptilian Resistance. Mr.X explains to Jack that the people of Earth contain a very special DNA, which creates a Mer Ka Ba an invisible geometric field of energy surrounding their bodies AKA organic antennas.

This Mer Ka Ba is what is needed to obtain access to the source energy/Heaven. The porthole in the center of the galaxy is a wormhole/gate to Heaven and only the people of Earth contain the special coded DNA that will allow them to re-enter the Source energy. However, the Reptilians secretive advanced technology plans on creating a one-world government with everyone enslaved by a R.F.I.D. (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. With human’s biological antennas under their total control, they plan to interbreed with humans to obtain the special DNA that will allow them to infiltrate Heaven.

Will Jack Cudlos and the Reptilian Resistance be able to stop them? This is the very question Kudalis urges his readers to consider.

“How could a messenger from the U.C.C.C. get the message out to a military industrial complex media controlled society when the Star Wars defence system keeps out all the benevolent beings. What if I was a ‘walk in’?” says Kudalis, who urges everyone to buy a copy of the book before his fate is met.

He continues, “That is exactly why I wrote this as a Science Fiction novel. It explains how the soulless negative entities plan on re- entering the Source Energy/Heaven from which they were cast out of into space’s void. They want to act as parasites clinging on to our souls in order to have the capability to survive the trip through the wormhole leading back to the Source. The Future of the human race is at stake.”

Aside from the entertainment his book will provide, Kudalis also wants the people of Earth to accept a harsh truth about themselves.

“Earth’s people have been held prisoners on this planet and kept away from contact with these other benevolent races by the malevolent Reptilians and the Markabian Demons. The Earth people have been brainwashed by the Markabians using their astral projection capabilities to demonically possess the highest of officials in the Global Super Class Elite and the Military Industrial complexes multimedia outlets,” he adds.

Kudalis’ final request will leave readers sinking deeply into their seats. He pleads with everyone to buy a copy of the book before he is assassinated, and to then outlaw its content and destroy all remaining copies of it.

Those wanting to do just that find the book in most bookstores, or by calling ARE ARE Publishing: (412)-224-2675

Books can also be purchased via email: RRI@theresidentspy.com.

For more information, the book’s press release can be found online at: http://www.theresidentspy.com

**Kudalis will be featured on The History Channel in January. Please contact Kudalis for the exact air date.

Pacific book reviewer Jason Lulos comments:

“It’s a ping-pong game of highly descriptive action-packed sequences alternating with dialogue in which one character enlightens another (and in turn, the reader) as to the history and implications of this alien-demonic conspiracy.”

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