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The Results Are In: MaxHealthLabs' Vitamin D Supplement Proved More Effective in Clinical Study


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Adults with Vitamin D deficiency often suffer debilitating side effects, including headaches, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, fatigue, and a myriad of others. Supplements crowd the market, all offering the same end result – relief from the painful symptoms.

However, a recent controlled clinical trial by Xyrion Medical demonstrates that not all supplements are equal in their effectiveness. In fact, MaxHealthLabs Intra-Cellular Liposomal Vitamin D supplement outperformed the other brand’s oral Vitamin D supplement by a significant margin. MaxHealthLabs submitted the study to compare and measure each vitamin’s effectiveness in reaching the bloodstream.

After the study was completed, Xyrion Medical’s trial director, Dr. Luis Martinez, concluded that MaxHealthLab’s Vitamin D dramatically increases plasma levels of Vitamin D and is largely superior in general to standard pill form of Vitamin D.

Five patients were randomly selected for the trial. Each group was given Vitamin D3. For the control group, two were given pill form Vitamin D supplement from Brand X, and three were given MaxHealthLabs Intra-Cellular Liposomal Vitamin D supplement for the interventional group.

All the participant’s blood levels were tested before and after the clinic trial. Both groups contained subjects with normal Vitamin D levels and low levels prior to the study. Although Brand X’s vitamin did slightly raise Vitamin D blood levels for patients one and two by 33 to 9 percent respectively, MaxHealthLabs’s raised Vitamin D blood levels for patients one, two, and three by 111, 158, and 69 percent respectively.

These third party clinical blood studies show that MaxHealthLabs’s products exceed expectations.

“Besides this Vitamin D human trial, we are also increasing levels at, near, and even sometimes above normal IV therapy levels of the same dosages for all of our other products as well. These are truly groundbreaking and pioneering results. And remember, we are talking about Antioxidants, like Glutathione and Resveratrol, which have been clinically proven to be nearly impossible to raise blood levels through a typical pill or tablet form,” said MaxHealthLabs medical director, Dr. James Silverblatt, M.D.

The vitamin’s efficiency comes from MaxHealthLabs revolutionary oral delivery science—Liposome Absorption Technology (L.A.T.), which combines vitamins and antioxidants that work at the cellular level. Intra-Cellular vitamins work better because they use the science of Liposomes, which are comprised of the same high-grade phospholipid membranes that surround nearly every cell in the body. The tiny microscopic Liposomes encapsulate and completely protect the given therapeutic agent—the vitamin and antioxidants—from the digestive system altogether, thus preserving the highest content yields. Once the Liposomes enter the blood stream, they “dock” onto other cells in the body and directly release their content by merging with their outer walls. This type of technology assures BioAvailability and absorption to nearly one hundred percent.

“We are, and always will be, the dominant force in the oral Liposomal nutritional industry due to three main reasons. One, we have world-renowned Liposome scientists on our staff who formulate these products. Two, we have patents on our exclusive technology, both internationally and domestically; this means no one else possesses the manufacturing technique of making oral Liposomes the way we do. And last, we have outside clinical blood studies that prove our products do what they claim to do. No other oral Liposomal nutritional supplement company has this kind of substantiating clinical third party data, so we are the only ones in the world who can make these claims,” said Dr. Silverblatt, when describing why MaxHealthLabs is more superior to other supplemental products including any other Liposomal nutritional product.

MaxHeathLabs’s current product line includes: Intra-Cellular Vitamin C, Intra-Cellular Vitamin D, Intra-Cellular Glutathione, Intra-Cellular Resveratrol, Intra-Cellular Vitamin B12, and Intra-Cellular Curcumin. These products will be added soon: Intra-Cellular Astaxanthin, Intra-Cellular Full Spectrum Omega, Intra-Cellular Alpha Lipoic Acid with Magnesium, Intra-Cellular CoQ10, as well as an Intra-Cellular Multi Vitamin.

For more information, visit: http://www.maxhealthlabs.com.

About MaxHealthLabs
MaxHealthLabs has been a leading innovator in the Liposome industry for over 20 years. They are the only company that employs world-renowned Liposome scientists, has the patented Liposomal Absorption Technology (L.A.T.), and provides proven results through clinical blood studies. This makes them the foremost Liposomal provider on the nutritional supplement market today. MaxHealthLabs can be reached at their website at www.maxhealthlabs.com. Medical professionals can contact them at 877-629-4584 or email at info@maxhealthlabs.com.