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The Retirement Bible: Award-Winning Financial Planner's New Book Fuses Personal Finance with Scripture

Researched and written by Stephen Lomsdalen, ‘The Retirement Bible: Learn Strategies to Successfully Manage Your Money Decisions For the Rest of Your Life’ is the most comprehensive book ever written, to teach personal finance from a biblical perspective. Sharing five easy-to-implement principles, readers of all ages can not only improve how they handle their money – but how they honor God with it.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Nothing else in life shares the prestigious authority of the Bible. Millions of people around the world, look to the Bible for guidance and direction in all aspects of their lives. The Bible provides wisdom on just about any subject. Award winning financial planner, Stephen Lomsdalen, is therefore firm in his Belief that the Bible may be the first financial planning guide ever written. To allow the public to utilize it's authority within their own finances, Lomsdalen is delighted to announce a wholly-unique new book.

‘The Retirement Bible: Learn Strategies to Successfully Manage Your Money Decisions For the Rest of Your Life’ teaches readrers about personal finance from a Biblical perspective. Lomsdalen worked tirelessly to meld a modern-day financial education with timeless scripture that ensures readers not only improve their finances, but how they honor God with their money.


The “Retirement Bible” cuts through the confusion and breaks down personal finance into 5 financial principles steeped in wisdom. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that could put your retirement at risk and create a vision for your future with clear, common sense money moves.

“Everyone has an opinion about money, but nothing carries the authority of the Bible,” says Lomsdalen, who has over two decades of experience helping clients accumulate and preserve their wealth. “So, I’m giving people up-to-the-minute advice on getting a handle on their finances and saving for retirement, while also providing the necessary scriptures so that readers can stay true the word of God.”

The book’s model centers on five simple and easy-to-implement principles, purposefully designed to be put in place by readers at any stage in their life:

#1 Live within your means
#2 Live debt free
#3 Build reserves
#4 Establish long term goals
#5 Seek financial counsel

“Each principle is accompanied by scripture so that readers can make gradual and meaningful improvements to secure a healthy financial future. Everything can be put in place by students, working adults and even those who are about to retire and are behind in their saving schedule. The scriptures will help anyone create a vision for their future and become more confident about continued financial planning. As I say, the Bible is an authority on everything!” Lomsdalen adds.

‘The Retirement Bible: Learn Strategies to Successfully Manage Your Money Decisions For the Rest of Your Life’ is available now: www.Theretirementbiblebook.com.

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About Stephen Lomsdalen
Stephen Lomsdalen is an award winning financial planner in Scottsdale Arizona. For the past 20 years, he has helped his clients with customized planning strategies for wealth accumulation, preservation and retirement income planning. He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, CNBC & Yahoo Finance.