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The Retro Budget Prescription: Best-Selling Author Nora D'Ecclesis Releases Unique Plan for Financial Freedom

Since its March 2014 publication, ‘The Retro Budget Prescription: Skillful Personal Planning’ has shot to #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list in the category of finance and ‘hot new releases’ and remained on the bestseller list ever since. A quick, effective and decidedly no-nonsense guide to managing money, the guide is written in D’Ecclesis’ signature style and intended to reduce the stress of making ends meet. Nora’s insight: “The ethics, morality and wisdom of charitable contributions in the form of sharing our time, energy or portions of our personal income with those less fortunate is spiritual enlightenment.”


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- The concept of donating a tenth of one’s income to a charity may seem a little old-fashioned these days, but as readers of Nora D’Ecclesis’ bestselling new book are finding, it can be a powerful way to harness discipline and manage finances.

In ‘The Retro Budget Prescription: Skillful Personal Planning’, D’Ecclesis suggests a written budget plan without the use of software and much, much more. A spiritual program, the book outlines the concept of helping others, writing a plan down on paper, committing to self-control and shedding faddish ways of managing money.

“It requires discipline to eat correctly and to exercise, so it follows that it would require discipline to meet our financial responsibilities,” says the author. “While writing, I examined the many options presented in other books related to this topic and they all fell short of addressing the issues associated with financial hardships. That is why I bring readers back to the basics and give them the spiritual underpinnings to help them begin the difficult work of preventing a monetary loss.”

Skillful personal finance is an essential element of stress management. The "Retro Budget Prescription" offers everyone a clear, concise, and down-to-earth look at how to succeed with everyday finances. This book offers help for every age and uses excellent examples to accomplish your goals. A quick and educational look at money matters. It is an enlightening perspective on an old topic especially regarding spiritual practice and college age financial planning.

Since its release, the book has earned bestseller status on Amazon, a solid five-star rating, and dozens of rave reviews from readers.

“I wish I had the benefit of this book years ago when I first started managing my personal finances. From tips to parents on teaching children the importance of saving, to the seasoned adult who needs a refresher on money management, Nora D'Ecclesis has written an extraordinary guide to budgeting and managing money that can benefit everyone, no matter what your age or financial status,” wrote Marillian.

Calling it “the best book on handling finances that I’ve ever read”, Maria wrote: “So profound yet so simply stated. It takes a master to reduce a complicated topic like finances to easily understood essentials while maintaining completeness and clarity. I am buying a copy for all my children and older grandchildren. This book is a true gem and worth reading.”
Reading this book is like having a conversation over tea with a favorite aunt who only wants the best for you,” wrote Rosalie Bern.

“D’Ecclesis is a remarkable, eclectic author and lecturer. Just notice the span of her efforts ranging from spiritual to financial planning. It shows her depth of skills which shine forth in this brilliant work which offers sound planning advice. The several dollars you spend on this ebook can wind up having a major impact on how you see your financial planning…and then, go on to read her other works.”
–Dr. William R. Forstchen, New York Times Bestselling Author

‘The Retro Budget Prescription: Skillful Personal Planning’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1g2j9Ku

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About Nora D'Ecclesis
Amazon Bestselling Author Nora D'Ecclesis is a graduate of Kean University of New Jersey, holding a degree in education, graduate degree in administration and post-graduate degree including certification as a learning specialist. She worked for many years in the corporate world for a national mortgage banking company, seeing the effects of no budget planning. On March 17, 2014 ‘The Retro Budget Prescription: Skillful Personal Planning’, went to #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list in the category of finance and hot new releases. It has remained in the top ten since publication.

As the owner of Tranquil Seas Retreats, Nora D'Ecclesis has a long history of presenting events focused on wellness and stress reduction techniques. Nora has compiled a variety of effective techniques and practices from these events, and illuminated them in her other books, ‘Mastering Tranquility: A Guide to Developing Powerful Stress Management Skills’ and ‘Tranquil Seas: Applying Guided Visualization and Reiki Roundtable’.

She is currently an adjunct professor of business management for the British Institute of Homeopathy International, teaching how to write mission statements, business plans and yes, budgets. She enjoys kayaking, hiking and archery. Nora lives with her family and wonderful dogs in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.