The Revolutionary Design and Marketing Experts at Bogdan Stevanovic Announce the Release of Updated Site and Expansion of Services


Verona, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2013 -- Bogdan Stevanovic, is a prominent international website design and internet marketing firm that is known for its innovative and creative marketing solutions and is named after its founder and owner, Bogdan Stevanovic. The company has recently updated their website to feature the expansion of their services and to make it even easier for professionals and businesses to learn more about online marketing and to find and select the right, and most comprehensive, SEO optimized website design and marketing services available today.

Bogdan Stevanovic is a team of website design and marketing experts that are known for using a unique approach to online branding and marketing development that harnesses the power of a worldwide network of specialists from a wide range of disciplines and industries to give clients the very best in cutting edge designs and results driven performance in the areas of SEO consulting, web development, search engine optimization and mobile marketing. While many internet marketing companies take a piece meal approach and half hazard attempt to design a site or marketing campaign, while also promising the moon and the stars, this firm actually, magically, delivers results due to their personalized, comprehensive approach, vast array of contacts, and extensive knowledge and experience in these areas that are crucial for any individual, or business, who wants to successfully market their brand online. Clients and projects from around the world that have benefited from Stevanovic’s expertise include: Project We Care, Evevo, SEO Works with Us and the up and coming designer fashion house Noted. In addition to providing an updated platform to better assist clients in obtaining solutions to their branding and marketing needs, the site also offers a helpful newsletter with tips and insights about the latest breaking developments in the web design and internet marketing industries and also a blog that has regular updates to assist clients and others in the quest to learn more about the digital world and its importance in ranking, brand recognition, product placement and more. The site has become a one stop resource, not only for clients and others looking for potential solutions to raise their online profile and increase their online marketing success, it has become a go to portal for anyone in the world that wants to learn about the news and developments that are helping consumers and businesses reshape and redefine the landscape of our world today by helping consumers and retailers exchange information and identify their true needs, realize their dreams, and make the much needed products and advancements of tomorrow a reality today.

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Bogdan Stevanovic is internationally known for his creative and radically unique approach to harnessing the creative power of people to find out of the box solutions that can help individuals and businesses around the world achieve the brand recognition, market share, customer loyalty, and financial success that they desire with comprehensive web site design and online marketing services.

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