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The RG Group Is Leading the Way with AR and VR Technology in the Construction Industry


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- The RG Group is a well-known firm within the construction sector for their dedication to the industry and expertise in delivering different construction projects throughout the retail, commercial and living space sectors. Their experienced team works with a customer-centric focus to ensure that the end result is always above and beyond what each of their clients across London and the UK are looking for.

Innovation is at the heart of what The RG Group does, and they utilise the latest technology to ensure the best possible finish to their projects. They have been trialling the possibility of using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools within the construction industry to provide insight into the finished construction project before it is even started. Customers can work with The RG Group to make changes, as well as VR technology highlighting any issues to the construction project managers before any budget is wasted on elements of the construction project that may need to change.

The RG Group values professionalism and perfectionism and when it comes to delivering complete projects to their clients they guarantee delivery within budget and within the agreed timeframe. VR helps to ensure this guarantee by demonstrating any issues at the beginning which may otherwise cause delays in the project timeline. VR has other potential benefits for the RG Group team including improving safety onsite, and allowing customers insight into the project and what it will look like when finished.

David Mars, Head of Marketing at The RG Group, talked about the future of VR in construction, "Virtual Reality technology is something that is likely to develop more and more over the coming years and the benefits that it has to offer the construction industry are vast. It could cut costs, reduce timescales for delivery, eliminate any issues and allow our customers complete insight into their finished product… they could even walk around it virtually before anything is built. Research and development into VR and AR technology is beginning to see some government funding because of these benefits, and The RG Group are aiming to remain at the forefront of this developing technology to always offer our customers the best outcome."

About The RG Group
The RG Group is a commercial construction company that values corporate social responsibility and works with this at the heart of all that they do. The social, environmental and ethical impacts of their work are carefully considered, so as not to compromise their continued ability to deliver projects with commercial success. They also work to deliver projects across retail construction, commercial projects and the living space industry. They plan and deliver construction projects in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective way to the highest possible standards.

For more information, please visit: http://rg-group.co.uk/.

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