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The Rise of the Executive MBA: a Career Secret Weapon for Prospective Executives Everywhere


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- Yesterday it was a college degree. Today, it’s a masters-level qualification, perhaps an MBA. But tomorrow? Well, for all those considering the steps they need to take to stay relevant in an ever competitive job market, there’s a lifeline – the new qualification that’s landing professionals everywhere new, lucrative careers is here. It’s the executive MBA.

It’s isn’t as new as it sounds, but still it leaves the majority of people scratching their heads. An executive MBA? Granted, on the surface it sounds like a confusing proposition, especially for those who see the traditional MBA as the pinnacle of business education. For that reason, the newly-created ExecutiveMBAGuides.org is a godsend for all those seeking a way in which they can stand out in the employment race, particularly against graduates of traditional MBA programs.

Luckily, the Executive MBA Guides team is happy to give Americans everywhere a crash course on various executive MBA programs and how they differ from other qualifications. One of the most attractive differences is the flexibility of their delivery, as they assume that the majority of prospective students will be working in senior roles already. “EMBA programs typically run on the weekends only. This makes it easy to get an MBA degree while engaging in a full-time career,” the website confirms. Not only that, but executive MBA programs are often very attractive to employers who often actively encourage their employees to undertake them. “Some companies sponsor the tuition fees for EMBA programs,” the website suggests.

The website also addresses the key question of what graduates can expect after completing their executive MBA qualification. “Executives will make close to 100,000 to the mid 150,000 salary range,” OnlineMBAGuide.org surmises. Additionally, this estimate may even be seen as conservative and could be considerably higher depending on the company one works for.

Ultimately, an executive MBA is an extremely compelling prospect, especially for those who face stiff competition within their particular industry. Its flexible delivery makes it very attractive to professionals everywhere, but it’s still a major commitment, both in time and money. It can come as no surprise, then, that prospective MBA students across the nation have inundated ExecutiveMBAGuides.org with their questions, queries and concerns. The resulting website is a testament to the team behind it, one who dedicated to helping people everywhere reach their full potential. This time, it’s clear that they’ve succeeded.

About ExecutiveMBAGuides.org
Executive MBA Guides was created to educate Americans everywhere about the exciting new university program that’s making waves amongst the country’s business community. The next step beyond a traditional MBA, the EMBA programs offer fantastic opportunities to people everywhere, thus ExecutiveMBAGuides.org was established to make finding the right executive MBA program effortless. For More information, visit http://www.executivembaguides.org