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The Rose Diaries: Compelling New YA Fantasy Series Depicts Beauty, Allure & Power of Faerie World

Written and illustrated by renowned artist, Natalia La Fey, ‘The Rose Diaries’ whisks readers into one girl’s bold fight to repair the delicate weave of the faerie world. Fusing legend with the author’s own brand of bewitchment, the series is expected to resonate with readers around the world.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Everyone has dreamt of faeries; some claim to have even touched them. In an upcoming young adult fantasy series by California’s Natalia La Fey, these fictional and real-world legends are melded into a compelling story of magic, dark beauty and power.

‘The Rose Diaries’, which will eventually comprise of five books, calls on the author’s raw imagination to combine her words and illustrations into a faerie-themed story that can be cherished by audiences of all ages.

Synopsis of Book One:

The day Rose saves a tiny mermaid her life is changed forever. Not only does she discover that faeries and mythical creatures do exist, but that very same night her parents disappear. Left under the guardianship of her unconventional grandfather, Rose is sent to boarding school.

Five years later Rose returns to the town where it all began to start afresh at a local school. Within days of her return, the faeries begin to gather around Rose and along with her new friends, Thomas Parish and Owen Finch, she sets out on an adventure to free Kallan, a faerie King of the Unseelie court, and to repair the delicate weave of the faerie world. As one mystery unravels, other secrets come to light.

Convinced that there is some sort of link between her parent’s disappearance and the unveiling of the mythical world, Rose becomes obsessed with helping Kallan in the hope of uncovering the truth; but this alliance just might change her in ways she never thought possible.

As the author explains, her book is a unique addition to the growing young adult genre.

“My narrative is a medley of coming-of-age and adventure; told from the perspective of a strong female protagonist. Throughout my own words I’ve remained true and in honor of traditional faerie lore.

Millions enjoy stories laced with magic and mine uses age-old legend, along with my own conceptions, to give readers something they’ve never seen before,” says La Fey, who was first published at the age of six.

She continues, “The writing flows perfectly alongside my illustrations to give a complete picture of the faerie world and all it contains. A lot of authors miss out on the opportunity to support their words with visual imagery, but it’s vital to drag readers deeper into the world you’re creating for them.”

With four more books in the works and plans to pitch the story to cinematic producers, La Fey’s series is poised to be in high demand.

‘The Rose Diaries’ is scheduled for publication at the end of April.

The book can be purchased from:

Kobo Books - http://bit.ly/10E62Vf
Smashwords - http://bit.ly/15eGAsH
Amazon: http://amzn.to/141Z2SC

For more information and to keep abreast of the latest news, visit the author’s website: http://natalialafey.com

About Natalia La Fey
Natalia La Fey was first published at the age of six with the book ,Our World, by the Kids of Australia in association with McPhee Gribble, in which her full page illustration and musings about a land of frogs was featured. A natural artist and writer, she was drawn to art college, where she studied narrative based art, including illustration, animation and film.

Upon completion of her studies she began an animation career in stop motion and worked alongside legendary director/animators such as Nick Donkin (The Junky’s Christmas) Mike Johnson (The Corpse Bride) and Paul Berry (Nightmare before Christmas). Her love of creating characters and stories continued and she began to dabble in script writing.

She eventually produced her first picture book, Just Me. Three more titles followed and, while living in Asia, she wrote her first novel for the series The Rose Diaries. Natalia then moved to London and free-lanced as an illustrator. It was here that her work was noticed by literary agents. Wishing to return to the basics of art and further hone and refine her illustration and writing skills, she decided to attend the San Francisco Art Institute´s Post-graduate Program majoring in painting and film.