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The Royal Fellow Who Banished Yellow: Art Teacher's Children's Book Proves Everything in the World Is Connected - Whatever a Spoiled Prince Thinks

L. Duncan-Hartgraves’ self-illustrated ‘The Royal Fellow Who Banished Yellow’ tells the engrossing story of a vain young prince who banishes the color yellow from his kingdom because it doesn’t look good on him. What he failed to realize is that everything from lobsters and sunsets have also now vanished. Duncan-Hartgraves’ story teaches young children the vital concept of ‘connectedness’, while also introducing fun color wheel trivia.


Rockford, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- While most children’s books offer young minds nothing but a quick thrill or escape from reality, L. Duncan-Hartgraves has carved a niche for wholly unique books that impart vital lessons about life. After the success of ‘Just Shades of Brown’ which raised vital awareness of racism and bullying, Hartgraves is back – this time teaching children about colors and the global concept of ‘connectedness’.

‘The Royal Fellow Who Banished Yellow’ is as whimsical and entertaining as it is important; a bold reminder that even the seemingly-insignificant things in life play a starring role in its grand design.

Every creature and each color under the sun has a meaningful purpose. Everything is connected. But when an arrogant, powerful young prince banishes yellow from his kingdom, his impulsive decision results in a catastrophic domino effect, reminding readers how truly connected and symbiotic all of creation is. Without yellow, orange ceases to exist…lobsters, sunsets, coral…GONE! This light-hearted story written in prose will delight all of your senses as you embark on a journey through a world with no yellow.

Art teachers will adore the elements of the color wheel, primary and secondary colors throughout!
“There’s a number of themes running throughout the narrative; the connected nature of our world, vanity and also education of the color wheel,” explains the author, a gifted art teacher who always illustrates her own work. “It’s very important for children to recognize and embrace every facet of life, however small it may seem. Everything ties together to form the world they live in and, when pieces are removed, the domino effect that our foolish young prince discovers can be a catalyst for disaster.”

Continuing, “On a lighter note, the book also offers children a full explanation of the color wheel and its related trivia. The current young generation is extremely creative and possesses world-class artistic talent, so we must accept any opportunity to teach them about the boundless world of color at a young age.”

The book will make a vital addition to any house, classroom or library. With the holiday book-buying season about to kick into full swing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Royal Fellow Who Banished Yellow’, from Jungle Wagon Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1umQebp.

For more information, visit the publisher’s website: http://bit.ly/1B9lxeN.

About Lana Duncan-Hartgraves
Lana Duncan-Hartgraves from Afton, Wisconsin is a gifted writer possessing the unique ability to illustrate her own work. When not writing, illustrating or teaching art, Lana keeps very active horseback riding, playing tennis, gardening, spending time on her equine therapy farm and spending time with her family. Lana encourages her readers to be kind and focus on their highest potential. One of her powerful life mottos, 'How can I make this a better world for everyone?' shines through her first publication, Just Shades of Brown, (JGC, 2010), a children's book about racism and bullying.