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The Ruins of Mars: Electrifying & Topical Sci-Fi Series Explores the Past - and Future - of the Red Planet

From author Dylan James Quarles comes an exciting new science fiction series set in the near future. As earth teeters on the brink of over-population, an elite team of scientists, astronauts and explorers are sent to Mars for a solution. As the distant past collides with the present, the very basis of human history may be called into question, as the characters struggle with knowing – we are not alone in the universe.


Renton, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- It’s a question that many scientists are asking themselves – and their peers – right now: if Earth were to become over-populated or unlivable, where would we go?

It’s a query at the center of an exhilarating and popular new science-fiction series by debut author, Dylan James Quarles. In ‘The Ruins of Mars’, Quarles explores the future year of 2044, with an Earth buckling under the weight of human expansion, and a mission to Mars underway to search for resources.

“I don’t think anyone can help being fascinated by Mars at the moment,” says the author, an avid Sci-Fi buff. “With the Curiosity Rover making discoveries each week, it’s difficult to keep your mind off what could be up there, and what else might be uncovered beneath the red sands. It looks ‘dead’… but is it?”

Quarles’ characters soon find out, as twin Artificial Intelligences, Remus and Romulus orbit the red planet in their satellite bodies and take infrared pictures. Inadvertently, the twins stumble upon the ruins of a buried city near Mars’ Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, Egyptian-American archaeology student Harrison Raheem Assad is joining the team that will investigate Mars’ secrets and treasures. Instantly seeing the connection between the Martian ruins and lost elements of human history, Harrison embarks on a journey that will change his life – forever.

Richly detailed, vibrant and brimming with possibility, ‘The Ruins of Mars’ will keep readers burning the midnight oil until the very last page.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the near future, The Ruins of Mars opens on the discovery of an ancient city buried under the sands of the red planet. Images captured by twin sentient satellites show massive domes, imposing walls, and a grid work of buildings situated directly on the rim of Mars' Grand Canyon, the Valles Marineris. With the resources of Earth draining away under the weight of human expansion, a plan is hatched to reclaim Mars from the cold grasp of death. A small band of explorers, astronauts, and scientists are sent to the red world in mankind's first interplanetary starship to begin construction on a human colony. Among them is a young archaeologist, named Harrison Raheem Assad, who is tasked with uncovering the secrets of the Martian ruins and their relation to the human race. Aided by the nearly boundless mind of a god-like artificial intelligence; the explorers battle space travel, harsh Martian weather, and the deepening mystery of the forgotten alien civilization.

Since its publication, ‘The Ruins of Mars’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and dozens of enthusiastic and positive reviews.

“I found his voice very akin to that of a Michael Crichton novel, explaining and displaying an unseen world before us with ease. I even found myself laughing at several of the funnier moments in the novel, which was a breath of fresh air among a quite stale genre,” wrote Jonny Magnum.

“The Ruins of Mars does what I believe good science fiction should do, and that is to expand one's views of what is possible, be it on this earth with the rise or fall of humanity, or with technology and the human struggle to survive. This book combines space exploration, technology, and the human experience in uncharted territory as Mars is explored by an international group of experts. Dylan James Quarles carefully weaves in contemporary world problems and attitudes into this hypothetical future providing a brilliant speculation into what could happen in the not too distant future. Cannot wait to finish the second book!” wrote Simon Wright.

C. Hamilton wrote: “I was hooked from page one, and can not wait until the second book! This is my favorite kind of sci-fi: taking the present a few believable steps into the future and giving me a realistic and exciting story full of possibilities. Get this book!”

“This book started off with a bang and never stopped! This is as close to real life experience as you can get. I felt as if I was an astronaut and an explorer and the excitement I felt was genuine. Truly a fantastic book. I hope the next book comes out soon!” wrote Darren.

‘The Ruins of Mars Trilogy’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1fiHVkK

About Dylan James Quarles
Born in Portland OR, Dylan James Quarles moved to Washington state as a young boy. He grew up in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula where he spent most of his youth involved in various creative projects. Films, music, and writing were always passions of his and he even had the honor of being featured in the Port Townsend Film Festival for a short film. After high school, Quarles attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia where he directed two more films, garnering praise for his originality and drive. Graduating a year early with a BA in film, he moved to South Korea and taught English in an after school academy. While overseas, Quarles began to tinker with writing scripts and short stories. Returning to the US with a new sense of purpose, he began working on The Ruins of Mars Trilogy.