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The Safe Deposit Centre Urges All to Leave Valuables in Safe Deposit Boxes when Travelling


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- Manchester based Safe Deposit Box company, 'The Safe Deposit Centre', are encouraging all to leave their valuables in safe deposit boxes when travelling to ensure that they don't get damaged, or even worse, lost! This has come about after one Ryanair passenger, due to propose, lost the engagement ring along with his entire bag after being forced to put his hand luggage in the hold.

After reluctantly putting his hand luggage in the hold at Manchester Airport, Daniel McGaughey, 27, arrived at Lake Garda – however his bag did not. Not only this but his thorough attempts to get his bag back were also unsuccessful and when reaching out to seek compensation for items lost from Ryanair, the company made things incredibly hard work. The Ryanair desk at Manchester airport upon returning told Daniel that he had to deal with Ryanair directly but after contacting them by email and sending two letters, Daniel received no response. He also attempted to fight his battle over the phone, however was faced with harsh premium number charges from Ryanair of almost £4 per minute. Not only this but when Daniel finally got sent a claims form, it was to his disbelief that he could only claim for clothing, and even then only the clothing in which he had receipts for.

A spokesperson from The Safe Deposit Centre was keen to comment saying, "We hear of cases like this on a regular basis and this is why we have recently been urging all to consider what they take with them on holiday. Not only this but we're encouraging people to think about placing their most valuable possessions in safe deposit boxes at safe deposit centres such as ours, to avoid them being home alone while owners are away. Safe deposit boxes are becoming an increasingly popular way of storing high-value items, not only when people are travelling but just in general –this is because they are one of the safest and most secure methods available."

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