The Sales Assassin Book by Anthony Caliendo Now Available


Delray Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- The Sales Assassin book, written by Anthony Caliendo, provides discussions on not what people like to hear, but on what people need to hear. In the dynamic sales environment these days, life is difficult and the truth hurts. The success of an individual relies on his willingness and eagerness to change direction and devote to the abilities, skills and knowledge that will differentiate a person from others. Readers of on The Book can learn the innovative approach of Anthony Caliendo to becoming a Sales Assassin, thru the use of 9-Belts of SAM (Sales Assassin Master) success and efficiency, in addition to a philosophy that offers guidance for self-improvement of an individual – not just as sales expert, but an individual as well!

The Sales Assassin is a book that demands extreme courage, dedication and passion that Anthony Caliendo provides to readers as a message that will keep them interested and will inspired them to implement them. People will immediately understand and put into practice result-driven, powerful concepts aimed at reliable high performance selling.

Anthony Caliendo is the definitive SAM. He will teach readers on how to master their skills on sales thru the use of Nine Belts to Sales Assassin Mastery. The Sales Assassin book is the ultimate master of discipline and passion in sales. A SAM is focused on the result-driven eagerness to be equipped to control his own destiny. A Sales Assassin Master starts with a basis of personal discipline built on the positive attitude and strengthened through the moral and personal commitment to sales achievement. In addition, a Sales Assassin Master is focused on all the positive things in the life of a sales individual from family to as an individual to clients and customers. The SAM needs to become a master of self-control and perseverance, and needs to have the spirit of responsibility and accountability for their thriving performance. The Sales Assassin depicts the path to being a successful Sales Assassin – the course to positive thoughts – the court to directing the sales destiny of an individual as a Sales Assassin Master and the understanding of the company on how SAM takes advantage of the sales strategy of an organization and corporate success.

About Anthony Caliendo
Anthony Caliendo defines himself as an “outrageous and relentless sales professional.” It is with this outrageous and relentless mentality that he constructed a fail-proof sales model encompassing specific skill sets and concepts that would be the basis for sales training for his brokers, salespeople and the sales staffs of his clients. These concepts and motivational themes of past and present inspired him to write “The Sales Assassin” and become a sales motivational speaker and sales coach to salespeople in all industries.

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