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The Salt Mystery Publishes Major New Features Covering Salt Lamps and Saltair Pipe

2,000-word introduction to Himalayan salt lamps is the most detailed anywhere, while new review of Saltair salt pipe for asthma covers everything buyers will want to know, The Salt Mystery reports


Kew Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2015 -- The Salt Mystery, a website focusing on the uses of natural Himalayan salt for long-term wellness, published a pair of major, exclusive new features. At nearly 2,000 rigorously researched words in length, the first new feature launches as the most comprehensive and informative guide to Himalayan salt lamps available anywhere online. Taking a look at the increasingly popular Saltair salt-pipe approach to home-based speleotheraphy for asthma, the second new feature is similarly detailed and will answer many common questions about the product. The new guide to salt lamps is available now at, while the review of the Saltair salt pipe is now online at

"Despite studying the subject for so long, I'm still fascinated by the number of ways people have found to leverage the ancient, natural salt of the Himalayas for improved wellness," The Salt Mystery founder Eric Johnson said, "Our two new features will guide readers through a couple of the most talked-about of these at the present time. Interest in Himalayan salt lamps has never been higher, and our new guide to the subject is by far the most informative to be found anywhere. The Saltair salt pipe has aroused a great deal of interest among people who suffer from asthma, and our new review of the product is the most detailed around."

Having been trained by health professionals to keep their dietary salt intake to a minimum in order to lessen the risks of developing high blood pressure and other problems, many people understandably view the substance with suspicion. In reality, though, salt is critical to the proper functioning of the human body, with supplies of it being used for everything from the regulation of osmotic pressure in cells to the transmission of nerve impulses.

Dissatisfied with this tension, many people interested in alternative approaches to health have sought over the years to resolve it. One prominent theory is that issues like salt-influenced high blood pressure result not from the overuse of salt in general, but on reliance on heavily processed, refined table salt that only barely resembles that which is found in nature.

Among the adherents to this school of thought, the natural salt of the Himalayas stands out as an especially appealing alternative. Deposited over 200 million years ago by the retreat of oceans that once covered an area that now hosts the world's tallest mountains, the often-colorful salt found there is rich with natural minerals and other elements.

The Salt Mystery is a leading source of information for those interested in the wellness-related potential of this unique kind of salt. The site's new guides to Himalayan salt lamps and the Saltair salt pipe continue its tradition of providing the best-researched, most informative material on every topic related to Himalayan salt. These major new features are now live and linked prominently at, where a deep collection of other articles can also be found.

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