The Science Behind WarriorteX


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- With 21 days remaining in their KickStarter campaign the WarriorteX team thought it appropriate to introduce the public to the science behind their amazing fabric design, science that was created and developed in North Carolina at NC State. All WarriorteX fabric is infused with OSM Shield, an environmentally safe, durable, low surface energy fabric treatment that revolutionizes single-layer fabrics creating amazing performance attributes. When applied to natural or synthetic fabrics, their fiber micro infusion process transforms both fiber and fabric to repel odor, stains, and moisture.

This fabric conversion process does not compromise the inherent texture, comfort, or breathability of the fabric. Each fiber and fabric is custom engineered to achieve the full potential of this innovation maximizing the proprietary balance between chemistry and process.

What is OSM Shield?

OSM Shield is a trade secret protected fabric treatment process. This proprietary treatment process will transform any natural or synthetic fabric into becoming highly water resistant, stain resistant, and odor resistant for the useful life of a garment, without changing the inherent texture, comfort, or breathability of the fabric. OSM Shield also improves abrasion resistance, colorfastness to light, laundering, and crocking.

Exactly how does OSM Shield work?

OSM Shield is a durable low surface energy fiber micro infusion process that transforms the fiber and fabric so it will not absorb moisture, stains, or odor. This is all accomplished without compromising the breathability or feel of the fabric. Wash the treated fabric 30+ times and it performs just as well.

* Once treated with OSM Shield, and after 50+ commercial hot washings and drying cycles, a typical 65/35 poly cotton blend fabric will repel water 85 times better than it would if left untreated.

* OSM Shield can make a 100% cotton woven material water-resistant enough to pass the U.S. Custom's Harmonized requirements for rainwear.

* The Molecular Sciences and Engineering Team from the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Center verified that the breathability of a fleece, denim, or cotton t-shirt remains virtually unchanged after being treated with OSM Shield.

What types of fabric does OSM Shield work on?

A wide range of single layer natural and synthetic fabrics, including, but not limited to; cotton, fleece, recycled, hemp, knits, polyester, bamboo, wool, polyester/cotton blends, denim, multiple blend fabrics, and others. To date, the company has not identified a fabric or fabric blend that cannot be successfully treated with OSM Shield.

Why is OSM Shield different from other technologies in the marketplace?

OSM Shield

* Applicable to all single layer fabrics tested to date
* Highly water resistant, stain resistant, and odor resistant
* Bacteria resistant
* Abrasion resistant
* Improves colorfastness to light, laundering, and crocking
* Does not impact the breathability of the garment
* Cost effective
* Does not affect the "handle" or feel of the fabric
* Customized treatment of the customer's fabric of choice
* Builds finished garments
* Straight forward supply model

DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

* Can alter hand or feel of garment
* Does not stand up to washes or abrasion
* Relatively inexpensive and readily available


* Membrane of fabric between other layers of fabric used in a garment
* Very waterproof
* Not very breathable or vapor diffusive
* Not applicable to single layer garments or natural fabrics
* Expensive
* Not comfortable against the skin
* Not applicable to custom conversion work when the goal is to treat a customer's fabric of choice
* Basically a PU coating over Teflon patented membrane — not much different than hundreds of other PU coated rainwear

100% waterproof rainwear

* Typically PU or PVC coated
* Does not breath
* Does not feel comfortable against the skin
* Not conducive to natural fabrics
* Fluorocarbon Finishes
* Effective repellency properties
* Vary in price
* Cumbersome supply model
* Potential health risks with PFOS and PFOAs
* Not as durable as OSM Shield

WarriorteX is a project where science and passion meet fashion. All of their sportswear is 100% American made from thread to construction. They are seeking support of their crowdfunding campaign through direct participation or by sharing news of their Kickstarter project to others and asking them to do the same.

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