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The Science of Manhood: Transformative New Book Provides Strategic Solution to Saving Decaying Image of Nation's Young Men

Derik Barnes’ ‘The Science Of Manhood: Steps To Self-Improvement’ throws a vital lifeline to the millions of misguided black men, and men in general, suffering in the United States. At a time when broken homes, violence and fatherless upbringings turn many young men towards a life of crime and violence, Barnes’ ground-breaking new book packs in two dozen motivational steps that will inspire any young man to choose the right path before it is too late.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- While he is now a respected community leader and Baltimore City Firefighter, Derik Barnes was once a misguided youth whose broken home provided a rocky start to life. Barnes wasn’t alone. In fact, the nation’s escalating crime epidemic can be directly attributed to the lack of direction many young men are forced to grow up with.

Fusing his personal and professional experiences, Barnes is now hoping to affect great change with his new book – ‘The Science Of Manhood: Steps To Self-Improvement’. The book provides a ‘plan’ for all young men to follow; a light that illuminates life’s positive pathways through Barnes’ frankly-honest account of his own youth.

This isn’t your feel good fiction nor is it your drama filled novel; this is a direct life line thrown in a desperate attempt to help revive the rapidly decaying image of young black men and males in general. I wish I had the time to eloquently describe the bountiful traits displayed within these pages. Unfortunately we are running out of time. The death toll for young black males throughout the inner cities; are increasing in great numbers. Parents are burying their sons more frequently than ever before. The prisons are bursting at the seams with our young men. Our communities are over run with violence mostly at the hands of our own young men. In this book I strive to reveal some of the steps and strategies to re-direct our young men from a path of riotous living, incarceration and death.

“Millions of young men are left with gaping holes of pain through broken homes, fatherless upbringings and being forced to witness domestic violence,” explains Barnes. “These men are running rampant in our cities. I know – I was once one of them.”

Continuing, “I have now developed a strategic plan, through 24 inspirational steps, to get these men back on track and ensure that those pre-independence young men make choices that are right for both themselves and society at large. Growing up, I’d have not believed anyone if they told me I would one day become a community leader, Correctional Officer and eventually a Fire Fighter. I broke free of the mold and my book will show any other young man how to do the same.”

Since its release, the book has garnered rave reviews. For example, Joy Turner comments, “If you're looking for a book to merely entertain, you might just miss the hidden treasure in this empowering new release by Baltimore City fireman, Derik Barnes. As a parent to an African American teenager, I find the information in this book to be valuable and much needed for our youth as well as those who are raising youth. This book should be used as a guidebook and required reading material for camps, youth clubs, ministries and other organizations. Great read!”

An Amazon customer adds, “I read the book and was moved to tears! This is in my opinion a State of the Mindset Address for All Black men, and Black women raising young black men. Change starts within and this book teaches us as a people and communities how to change our mindset to assist our young men with becoming the best versions of themselves.”

‘The Science Of Manhood: Steps To Self-Improvement’ is available now:

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About Derik Barnes
Derik Barnes was born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. He can be described as ambitious, focused, and intellectual–a go-getter.

Despite early exposure to the struggle for balance that all young men face, Derik overcame. Through struggle in his personal life, he felt it his responsibility to assume the position of “man of the house” at an early age. It was not always an easy task to choose the right path when so many of his friends chose another direction, but he continued on, knowing it would somehow pay off in the end.

After graduating from high school, he became active in both the prison reform programs and community cleanup to help restore some of the very inner city streets he often traveled. Much like most of the city, those areas were no “walk in the park” and were considered some of the most crime and drug infested. Derik’s strong sense of personal security later landed him a career as a Maryland State Correctional Officer. During his eight years of employment as a corrections officer, he was required to secure various institutions throughout the state.

With the respect and trust gained by those around him, including his colleagues and the inmates, Derik became very familiar with the patterns of the young men entangled in the prison system.

As his desire to help others grew, Derik increased his efforts and later moved on to become a Baltimore city firefighter. By no means did this desired career move come easy, but it proved to be most rewarding. Moving about the city streets once again at a different capacity gave Derik a unique perspective on the issues concerning young men.

With this book, The Science of Manhood, Derik hopes to reach and inspire young men by sharing life experiences and strategies not only to revitalize these young men, but also to help generations of men to come.