The Scissors Corporation the Scissors Supplier to Barbers and the Beauty Industry Have Announced a Lifetime Guarantee on All Products and Services

The Scissors Corporation who have become the preferred scissor supplier to barbers and the beauty industry stand by their products with a lifetime guarantee


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- The Scissors Corporation has become the preferred choice for barbers and hairdressers looking for quality scissors and beauty equipment. The popular internet based wholesaler of scissors and shears have today announced they are offering a lifetime guarantee on all of their products and services as well as offering free shipping. With a lifetime guarantee, free shipping and the quality products, The Scissors Corporation have become the company people within the beauty industry turn to when they need quality products.

There are a number of suppliers of scissors; however, only The Scissors Corporation can give customers what they really want. When a barber starts their business or a hairdresser, they find it hard to find a company who can supply them with the quality scissors and shears they need. Barbers and hairdressers want products that they can trust and not products that will need replacing again and again. With a lifetime guarantee and the quality products that are being supplied by the Scissors Corporation, the hairdressing and beauty community have found a scissors and shears supplier they can trust.

A spokesman for The Scissors Corporation said: “Our goal is to help assist people within the barber and hairdressing industry in providing the best supplies and information, so they can have the best of what they need for their professional career.’

The Scissors Corporation, which also provides the latest news and information on the barber and hairdressing industry, to make barbers and hairdressers the best they possible can be, have also launched a VIP Membership Service. This service allow people to receive discounts on products as well as many more vital benefits.

For barbers and hairdressers who are looking for the best quality scissors and shears with free shipping and a lifetime guarantee, please visit

About The Scissors Corporation
The Scissors Corporation has become one of the main suppliers of quality scissors and shears for the beauty industry. Supplying quality products at affordable prices with free shipping.