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The Script: Explosive New Book Offers Definitive Proof of "Aliens Among Us"

From Jim Bowden, ‘The Script – Alien Mind Control in the United States’ is a vividly written and meticulously researched non-fiction book detailing the infiltration of aliens into modern-day society, as well as their influence throughout history. All proceeds from the book will benefit Doctors Without Borders – a cause close to the author’s heart.


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- In 2011, author Jim Bowden spent three months with extraterrestrials, an experience he examined in his book, ‘The Ringer’. Now, for the first time, Bowden is releasing details of the knowledge he gained during and after that time – knowledge that could change the course of human history forever.

In ‘The Script – Alien Mind Control in the United States’, readers will get a shocking glimpse at the way aliens relate to human beings; referring to the human brain as ‘The Script’ and alien controlled people as ‘Props’. It is Bowden’s astonishing and terrifying contention that aliens have been mentally influencing human beings for thousands of years, and that these mind controlling abilities are undetectable and performed by way of telepathy. It’s enough to frighten even the strictest skeptic.

“My intent isn’t to scare people,” says Bowden. “Instead, I want to send out a warning so that we can all regain control of our lives. By using mental influence, aliens can influence any court, institution, religion or political organization. Essentially, nothing and no one is safe from their machinations and their concealed telepathy. After all, you cannot use traditional weapons in a ‘The Mental Environment’.

Official Synopsis:

“' The Script ' is the Extraterrestrial word for the human brain.

Somehow extraterrestrial aliens managed to familiarize themselves with our neurological and nervous systems enabling them to influence almost all of us whenever they like. This has been ongoing throughout human history.

' Props ' is their word for alien mind controlled people. Unless you are of concern to them you may never have been influenced by aliens. Their interest lies in mentally influencing our leadership, military, police and all figures of authority because they control us. They're also interested in remaining hidden.

They turn their attention to those who expose their presence here and then use their mental influence in harmful ways to, preferably, destroy those individuals.

Our job is to recognize and learn how to defend against their mind controlling influence and then regain control of our lives.”

Although Jim Bowden was selected and targeted by extraterrestials, the author acknowledges that, that might not be true for every person on the planet.

“I don’t really have an idea why I was chosen,” says Bowden. “Somehow, through exposure to them, I’ve become telepathic, and so I’ve been able to ask the aliens why I’m involved with their lives and they have always been consistent in their response – ‘because you can handle it.’”

Continuing: “With this knowledge comes responsibility. I know that we were scheduled for extermination during the month of November 2012. We received a five-year reprieve but we must overcome their control before the five years are up. It’s my hope that ‘The Script’ will be a wake up call for so many around the world.”

Searing, powerful and absolutely unforgettable, ‘The Script’ is a must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth…

‘The Script – Alien Mind Control in the United States’ will be released soon.

About Jim Bowden
Jim Bowden spent three months with extraterrestrials during the Fall of 2011. His book, The Ringer, concerned itself with that experience. The Ringer, was published August, 2012 by FriesenPress and re-released by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency. During time spent with extraterrestrials he was repeatedly shown, before and after, examples of mentally influenced human beings. He never cared for those demonstrations because the targeted person's freedom of thought or free will was essentially extinguished.