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The Search: Human Tenacity & Supremacist Aliens Clash in Bold New Novel - Can Three Men Save the World, Alone?

Brought to vivid life by Canada’s Jim Morrison, ‘The Search’ takes readers on a high-flying adventure as a team of three brave men work tirelessly to save the world from Alien invasion. Through gripping risk and the prospect of high reward, the new novel is leaving readers with plenty to think about.


Stellarton, NS -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- While they may not admit it openly, everyone fears alien invasion. In a compelling new novel by Jim Morrison, this prospect is brought to chilling life through a book that will keep readers turning pages on the edge of their seats.

‘The Search’ combines all of the hallmarks of a best-seller; imminent danger, tenacious heroes and an all-or-nothing pursuit to save mankind from certain destruction.


The United States National Defense has detected a robotic signal rapidly approaching our atmosphere. The signal belongs to an alien-created spacecraft out to terminate all living things on its quest for universal dominance.

Against all odds, Lieutenant Brad “Thunder” Harris, Lieutenant Mark “Pork Chop” Smith, and Sargon of the First Frontier team up to destroy the evil before it takes the lives of all beings on Planet Earth and beyond.

Together, they embark on a dangerous, high-flying adventure to save the planet – and our galaxy – from ultimate alien supremacy.

While the author has written his book on a popular cliché, he assures readers that his narrative is wholly-unique.

“This isn’t just a blown-up story of trying to fight aliens, but a very in-depth look at the characters’ emotions and motivations while trying to do it. Readers will discover so much more than just a let’s-save-the-world story,” says Morrison.

Continuing, “It’s unlike anything readers would have encountered before and the adventure poses many questions about what would happen if aliens really did try to invade Earth. What would the impact be? Would anyone step up to save humanity? And, the most important question – would they succeed?”

With the book’s popularity expected to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Search’, published by FriesenPress, is available now:
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About Jim Morrison
The authour lives in Nova Scotia.