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The Search Ninjas Publish Infographic Helping Leverage Google + Local for Law Firms


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Marketing online has more stringent guidelines for law firms and attorneys, who have to ‘walk the walk’ and be above reproach when it comes to what claims they’re making. However, it is very easy for phrasing to be misinterpreted and for narrative to muddy the waters. The Search Ninjas have recently published an infographic helping law marketers get to grips with the basics and ensuring the avoid some of the initial pitfalls that can cause bigger problems down the road. The infographic also looks to help firms leverage the power of the new Google + Local in order to improve their exposure and rankings online for those who use their services.

The infographic has five stages, covering how to rank higher on Google, how to reach local audiences, generate better leads, get more cases, and finally, world domination. The ambitious illustration gives bite sized and easily comprehensible perspectives on these practices so that those new to the game can understand and implement the action items contained therein quickly and easily, and should see an immediate difference for doing so.

The longer term goal of the infographic is of course to demonstrate the expertise on hand with The Search Ninjas, who have a particular expertise in achieving top Google results for law firms across the country. It has proven an effective strategy, and one that demonstrates in real terms the value of their work.

A spokesperson for The Search Ninjas explained, “We have an unparalleled reputation in this particular niche, and our infographic has the handy side effect of exposing the limited capacity of competitors for this very specific kind of work. What we’ve included here could be considered to be the entire approach offered by other companies, but it’s only the tip of our iceberg. Legal firms and attorneys know that need a more complete approach to these strategies and this way, they’ll find out that we’re the ideal company to handle those on their behalf. We steer clear of blackhat tactics that some SEO’s use which ultimately damage the online presence and reputation of law firms. Our strategy for search dominance is beyond reproach and has the same ethical and moral standing as expected of a law firm. ”

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The Search Ninjas offer SEO, website design, and content development for law firms and attorneys. George Murphy, the founder, has been in legal web marketing for over 4 years and SEO for 6. George also offers consultancy services to attorneys in order to upskill them in the nuances of legal marketing online. Their head office is located at 716 S Broadway Second Floor, Baltimore, MD 21231. For more information, please visit: