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The Secret Gym Accessory Weightlifters Are Raving About Now Available on Amazon for 25 Percent Off


Glen Cove, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Nayoya Wellness, the health and fitness retailer recognized for their commitment to providing consumers with high-quality, durable and functional equipment at affordable prices, is pleased to announce that they have added weight lifting straps to their exceptional line of products.

Designed for heavy lifting and hitting personal records, the new lifting straps from Nayoya Wellness feature premium built-in adjustable wrist supports that are more than three inches long, as well as comfortable neoprene inlay to help support and cushion wrists during intense exercises. Nayoya weight lifting straps have been engineered with new technology that ensures they will not slip on the bar even under significant pressure and when moisture is present.

Using coupon code “GRIPIT25”, customers will receive a 25 percent discount on these high-quality weight lifting wrist straps, which come with a lifetime guarantee and a free carrying pouch included. Any weight lifter who has struggled with grip fatigue, blisters or calluses will immediately feel the difference when they try on Nayoya lifting straps, which make traditional workout gloves obsolete. “I feel one with the bar,” a testimonial from a Nayoya lifting strap user stated.

With their two-in-one functionality as lifting straps and wrist supports, Nayoya Wellness workout grips are truly state-of-the-art and will revolutionize the way people lift weights now and in the future. Nayoya grips provide so much support that weight lifters who use them will be able to increase the amount of weight they are able to lift without risking damage to their wrists and forearms.

One of the most useful features of Nayoya lifting straps is that they are fully adjustable and can be made to fit any wrist size on a man or woman. Nayoya straps are designed with the the serious weight lifter in mind, but they also work well for people who are just starting out, because they minimize the risk of injury for those who have not yet mastered perfect weight lifting technique.

“I am a female that loves to power lift as well as compete in crossfit and try to maintain my hands to still look ‘girly’. I have tried many lifting straps through the last year as well as tried wrist support wraps but these are the perfect all in one lifting straps,” a testimonial from the Nayoya Wellness Amazon.com sales page stated.

About Nayoya Wellness
Nayoya Wellness is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Anyone who is interested in improving his or her quality of life through improved fitness and therapeutic tools is encouraged to visit the Nayoya Wellness shop on Amazon.com by going to www.amazon.com/shops/nayoya, where customers will find items such as gym rings, back pain relief sets, cellulite removing massage gloves, lightproof sleep masks and abdominal mats for full range of motion ab workouts. For more information, please visit www.amazon.com/shops/nayoya.