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The Secret to Bunion Relief - Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Over 60 million American women and 15 million men suffer from the painful dysfunction of the foot Hallux Valgus, also called "bunions". Up to now, conservative treatment without surgery of this mal-positioning of the big toe by has been limited to inflexible night and daytime splints. Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector, a dynamic, flexible, day or night-time hinged splint launched into the United States from Germany in October 2011, offers effective treatment and pain relief for millions who suffer from this foot dysfunction and may help avoid or postpone or the need for surgery. A recent comparative study measured the reduction of bunions through the use of a rigid night-split, versus Platinum Health Design Bunion Regulator. Results show that mild to moderate mal-positioning can be corrected to normal values with the use of our Bunion Corrector.

The Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector is a combination of a medical-grade plastic splint and velcro fastening metatarsal and toe straps. The plastic portion of the splint is hinged and fastened along the inside border of the foot with a toe and metatarsal strap. The straps and the splint provide three-point correction of the bunion deformity though out the gait cycle. The metatarsal arch is optimally stabilized, the bunion relieved, the mal-positioning of the toe corrected and the foot brought back and held in its natural position.

With a bunion the big toe is no longer straight, but points inward and may even be pushed below or above the second toe. Thus the metatarsal bone on the base joint protrudes to the side like a hump. Because it is pressed against the inside of the shoe, the bursa on the joint is easily inflamed. The bunion turns red and hurts with every contact – hardly any shoe fits and walking becomes agonizing!If the malpositioning persists for more than a year, the cartilage in the joint wears out and the toe becomes stiff. No rolling on one’s feet or standing tiptoe is possible anymore, no walking in sandals and pumps – only shoes with hard soles remain. “Taking timely action by doing foot gymnastics, wearing good shoes and wearing a bunion splint can prevent that”, says orthopedics Assistant Professor Dr. Dr. Klaus Milachowski, Munich.

The Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector splint is available online through and through select retailers and podiatrists nationwide at a suggested retail price of $59.95.For a limited time only, bunion sufferers can take advantage of the special reduced pricing before it comes to an end at $17.95.

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Media Contact - Dr. James Adams