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The Secrets of an Intelligent Consumer: New Books Whips Financially-Challenged Into Shape

Having spent years studying people’s financial situations, a new book by Leon Forte aims to help people become intelligent consumers and save up to $150,000 without sacrifices.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- When it comes to saving large sums of money, most people are turned off by the assumption that they will be forced to ‘go without’. However, as a new book is proving, up to $150,000 can be saved without any scrimping at all.

According to Leon Forte, the key is to become an intelligent consumer. In fact, having overcome his own financial troubles and spent many years studying personal finance, Forte has compiled a new book to share the secrets of success.

‘The Secrets of an Intelligent Consumer’ provides a logical blueprint to saving money without the sacrifices. Using the book’s plan, people can continue to use the same services, shop in the same stores and enjoy the same luxuries all while steadily growing their nest-egg. Covering a host of saving opportunities from grocery shopping to purchasing a house, Forte’s book also enlightens its readers to many of the gimmicks and scams used by advertisers to force un-needed purchases.

“People are hurting and need to know how to shop intelligently. Buy what you want and save without scrimping. Whether a person is buying a can of corn or a car they should know what it should cost and where to purchase it for that lowest price,” says Forte, who works extensively within the real estate industry.

He continues, “A person or family can have almost everything they want without overspending.”

Forte is a firm believer that, just by learning a few strategies, consumers can avoid getting caught in sales hype and steadily grow the money they are saving.

“You can't just shop in a mega - market and get the lowest price on everything. Learn what store is best for purchasing whatever it is you want. They can use some strategies to get back on their feet and never return to wanting again,” he adds.

These strategies and more are shared among chapters including how to choose a bank, how to pay an exceptionally low price on almost anything, get the most when selling a house, how to always pay the least for toiletries and much, much more.

“My book also explains why people do not shop efficiently and shop the way they do. This will show a person how to become an intelligent consumer, and they will need little or no outside information to determine a price. This knowledge stays with you for a lifetime. A person can save well over $150 thousand to $ 200 thousand over a lifetime,” Forte concludes.

‘The Secrets of an Intelligent Consumer’, published by Amazon Digital Services, can be purchased here: http://amzn.to/YRAH1v

For more information, please visit the book’s official website: http://www.intelligentconsumersite.com/

About the Author: Leon Forte
Leon Forte was born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrant parents. He managed his father's shoe store at the age of 16 while still in High School. Then at the age of 31 he opened a restaurant. At 35, tired of working 16 hours a day, he went into sales and soon afterwards into mortgage banking. He held various sales positions as well as opening one of the first virtual retail stores on the internet. After opening his own real estate and mortgage company, he delved into real estate investing.

He worked with appraisers and appraised properties for attorneys, bought and sold real estate and originated and processed mortgage loans for many years. After a devastating illness and losing everything he worked on getting it all back. He did. He wrote the book The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer. He created a formula so any individual can purchase anything for less which equates to a richer life on the same salary. In addition, the show all book exposes the mind tricks salespeople and advertisers apply to separate you from your money.