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The Secrets on How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally from Home Finally Revealed

Persons Worried About Dandruff Can Finally Feel At Ease As The Secrets To Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally Is Now Exposed


Maplewood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- Getting rid of dandruff naturally doesn't have to be difficult. Many people inadvertently cause dandruff by the way they are washing their hair. A good first step is to reduce the amount of time their hair gets washed. Even when showering every day, washing hair every day can cause excessive drying and causes the scalp to shed dead skin cells in order to get rid of them. Simply brushing the hair after showering to distribute the oils that naturally occurs on the scalp will keep hair oiled and keep the scalp from being dried.

Staying Away From Stress And Eating Healthy

Stress is shown to cause dandruff so it is important to reduce stress in order to cut down on those flakes. Diet can also produce dandruff from eating low quality foods high in sugar or fast food. The body reacts to what it is fueled with and unhealthy foods can effect how the skin and other bodily functions work. Eating high quality fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins and enough carbs will give the body what it needs to function smoothly and healthily.

Organic Yogurt

After showering and cleaning hair, persons can apply organic plain yogurt to the scalp and hair and leave in for ten to fifteen minutes. After this, persons can rinse their hair of the yogurt and then wash again using a small amount of shampoo.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Using one part organic apple cider vinegar to one part water, persons can wash their hair with shampoo as normal then pour organic apple cider vinegar and water mixture onto scalp and hair. They can then rub it into the scalp and then leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. After that they can then rinse out their hair making sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeating this procedure every day for a week will give amazing results. This works by attacking the fungus that causes dandruff.

Swap Out Shampoo For Baking Soda

Another remedy person can use to get rid of dandruff from scalp is baking soda. Baking Soda has less of those harsh chemicals in commercially produced shampoo. To use, persons can simply pour a small handful of baking soda into the hand and rub in in thoroughly in the scalp while showering. After two weeks, great results should be seen as the baking soda allows the oils in the hair to come out naturally and be replenished without being stripped down.

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