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The Seven Point Agenda to Revive the Indian Tourism Industry and Lure Foreign Travelers


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2014 -- With the new government having taken the reigns of steering India to economic growth, people are hoping for a new beginning. Almost everywhere one can see the future being looked upon with great expectations.

One of the key Jobs creator is the tourism industry and if correctly handled could become one of the largest foreign revenue earners and also support the varied ancillary industry for the sector.

Mr. H.S. Duggal, Managing Director of Minar Travels, wishes to draw the attention of the new government to a set of remedial measures which has the potencies for creating the right ambience for the tourism industry to flourish.

With Mr. Duggal’s experience, being at the helm of affairs of Minar Travels, he has a very close association with the sector and knows the pulse of it well. As a result, his viewpoint could prove greatly beneficial for everyone involved with the tourism industry.

Suggestions to Bolster the Indian Tourism Industry

Mr. H.S. Duggal’s suggestions to the new government are as follows:

- Give India an image makeover, so that people all over the world, consider India to be a peaceful tourist destination; emphasis must also be importantly given for the safety concerns of women travelers.

- Give more emphasis on conveying to the world at large, that this is one of the most exotic travel destinations – the more we brag, the easier it becomes to draw visitors!

- Curtail the processing of visa and expedite the e-Visa systems to facilitate a larger flow of tourist.

- Make myriad important Historical Monuments across the nation, safe, clean and hygienic to be able to draw people from all parts. Introduction of Information Technology booths/kiosks could be a great step ahead.

- Simplify and create a single basis for tourism taxation rather than sticking to varied tax regime in different states.

- A critical step that could create a greater level of impetus would be to endow Indian Tour Operators with the full benefits of being exporters. In the truest sense of the word, there is little doubt that nearly all large tour operators are earning foreign exchange for the country and hence it is only logical, they enjoy the true status of an export house.

- Better infrastructure systems should be created and put in place at all places that have a higher flow of tourists. Only when tourists come and feel the change, will it help to create a desire to come back again.

Mr. Duggal has always believed in “Atithi Devo Bhava”, these small measures can and catapult India as one of the top notch tourist destinations across the globe!

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