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The Sex Symbol Diet: New Book Links 'Law of Attraction' with Healthy Eating

As the world’s first book to link healthy eating with the ability to attract life’s most pleasurable people and experiences, ‘The Sex Symbol Diet’ is poised to become a revolutionary self-help publication.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- For author R. Anthony, it all began with an epiphany. Deciding that his body wasn’t designed to get sick, his change of thought process triggered a desire for healthy food and vitality. However, with this change he also began to attract beautiful women and a myriad of other desires into his life, he knew he had to share his findings.

Everything is wrapped up into ‘The Sex Symbol Diet’, tipped to become a life-changing read for millions.

The book connects the often ignored dots between the law of attraction and a healthy diet. Told from the author’s own perspective, readers can expect a revolutionary journey that will change their life and health for the better.

“I nick-named my own change in eating ‘the sex symbol diet’. Everything starts in the mind and when it is properly fuelled it turns into a magnet that attracts people of like nature. We only attract what and who we are, so when we begin to value ourselves by eating as prescribed in the book we will draw in those of a similar nature to our own,” says Anthony.

He continues, “The mind works like a signal tower; it radiates signals to people and things of like nature and will starts to pull them closer, however, it repels people and things that are not familiar to us.”

The book’s chapters uncover foods that can be used to increase libido, mental abilities, health benefits, how to lose weight quickly, boost vibrational frequencies, the secrets to radiating confidence and many other vital life skills.

“Scientists have discovered that human energy can be measured in megahertz similar to a signal tower. These are the vibrational frequencies or ‘vibes’ that we give off. They have also discovered that certain foods (mainly foods that are alive) raise or increase vibrational frequencies. When the body drops below 60 Megahertz we are more susceptible to sickness and disease,” Anthony adds, discussing the wider benefits of his proposed diet.

The book also places a huge focus on quashing the over-stated promises made by ‘fad’ diets, while proving why they almost always fail.

By placing a focus on a life-long change of mind and outlook, Anthony remains confident that following his diet offers better and more realistic prospects than anything advertised on an infomercial or in a magazine.

“This isn’t a picky diet plan, but a way to reinvent your life by first focusing on your thought processes. You can’t improve health and wellbeing by simply eating a few less calories or walking for an hour a day. Life-long change requires a ‘new you’ – and it is a lot easier to achieve than you think,” he explains.

The book also contains high-authority information on how to look up to ten years younger, increasing stamina and how to achieve the on-going process of increasing sex appeal.

Wanting to help his readers even further, the author’s official website contains a unique ‘Ask R. Anthony’ page, where readers are encouraged to send in their questions for answering within regularly published podcasts.

In short, Anthony’s unique story and advice provides a never-seen-before model for the perfect lifestyle, a far cry from many un-proven models that currently exist on the market.

‘The Sex Symbol Diet’ can be purchased from the book’s official website: http://www.iamasexsymbol.com

About the Author: R. Anthony
Originally from Newnan, GA R. Anthony has travelled extensively around the United States including overseas. By the time he was the age of 8 he started his own lawn care business, by 12 he had his own newspaper route followed by other ventures including trucking where it was necessary to change up his eating habits in order to remain in decent shape. While doing so, he discovered that by eating certain foods, exercising extensively, reading and studying that he was able to have more control over certain areas of his life. He has authored 4 books (The Sex Symbol Diet, The Mind of A Sex Symbol, The Sex Symbols Guide to: Body Language and How to boost your credit in 90 days or less also available on the website) that approach each of the chosen areas from a different perspective. His focus in life is to add value to millions of people through writing, public speaking and mentoring.