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The Sexton Family Farm Offers Tips to New Puppy Owners

Puppy breeder in Seymour, TN gives advice on caring for new dogs


Seymour, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- The Sexton Family Farm, a local puppy breeder and canine expert in Seymour, TN, is offering tips to all families seeking to bring a new puppy into their homes.

As the fall months mark the approach of the holiday season, The Sexton Family Farm is offering a few crucial pieces of advice to future dog owners seeking to adopt healthy, happy pets. Pieces of advice include proper immunizations and vaccination, obedience training and dietary instruction, all of which will contribute to a healthier puppy.

“It’s paramount that puppies start vaccinations at three weeks old and have up to five vaccinations before they leave around nine weeks,” said Julia Sexton, Owner of The Sexton Family Farm. “Without proper immunizations and a basis for healthy growth, puppies are liable to encounter health risks that could lead to expensive vet bills and other stressful situations.”

The Sexton Family Farm encourages all prospecting puppy owners to inquire about the needs of specific puppy breeds before adopting, so that they’re better informed about the needs of their animals.

The Sexton Family Farm is a licensed commercial puppy breeder in Seymour, TN and is affiliated with the Division of Animal Welfare. The company offers feeding and general care education to new puppy owners as a way to ensure the health and wellness of all of its pups and all puppies bred by The Sexton Family Farm come with a full genetic warranty.

“Puppies need proper care and attention, just like growing children,” said Sexton. “The more new puppy owners know about their dogs, the better they’ll be able to nurture them and raise them into happy, healthy full-grown companions.”

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About The Sexton Family Farm
For over eight years, The Sexton Family Farm has been Seymour's most trusted dog breeder. The company specializes in small breed dogs including Chihuahuas, Maltese, Schnauzers, Shih Tzus and more. The Sexton Family Farm also breeds an assortment of designer puppy mixes, catering to the requests of future dog owners seeking to adopt a puppy with distinct traits.