The Shellies Story Books Are Fast Becoming One of the Most Requested Books by Children

Children all over the world will enjoy the fun loving characters the Shellies


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2015 -- Children love to hear stories and love to find unique and friendly characters in a book. People of adult age without children may not have heard of the Shellies, but if you mention the name to a child they will become excited.

The Shellies stories have become popular with children all over the world, and for children who have not come across these fun character, they will fall in love with them and their distinct personalities. A few of them, including Rainbow, Skipper, Crabby, and Barnacle have a catch phrase or leitmotif that will endear them to all.

There is a large collection of exciting books and audiobooks about Shellies and their pals The Boggles. The fictional stories will develop children's imaginations transferring them into the magic world of fairytales, legends, folklore or rumor based stories.

The Shellies' adventures provide total fun and have a hint of education sharing some lessons that children should learn. In The Shellies blog children can learn the early history of aviation, the Water Poet John Taylor, Shakespeare, and Spring Heeled Jack, who is a fictional character, pirates, smugglers and so much more.

Invention and design are combined with a folklore based history. The Shellies are always at those places where there are waves of fun, at any coastal resort worldwide.

The books of 'Rainbow in the Sky', 'The Shellies', 'The Wishing Stone', on Amazon Kindle, price ranging between $1.95 and $2.99.

The audiobooks include 'Bookend Tales from Here and There', 'We Wish You Were Here', and 'Songs from a Shell', which are narrated by Jenifer Pederson. In this storie, kids will listen to the adventures and songs of the Shellies, their friends The Boggles . You will discover how a Jolly Jack made his Crabby cross and will join the characters in their journey along to Muckle Flugga fair. Children can surf along all the adventures that will come one after another like waves.

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About The Shellies
The Shellies are fun characters that children will fall in love with. There are many books and audio books available

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