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The Shih Tzu Expert Puts an End to Trial and Error for Pet Parents


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2017 -- Shih Tzu enthusiasts now have a new source for information on how to care for their beloved fur baby with the launch of The Shih Tzu Expert. The site provides instant access to tried and tested information about the best foods, grooming practices, and health information for Shih Tzu owners.

This is the end of exhaustive guess work for first-time Shih Tzu ownership. The Shih Tzu Expert publishes buyer's guides containing vital research on serious health conditions that this breed may face with photos and explanations of the health risk or disease--many that new owners may never have considered or heard of, so that readers can find out exactly what to do if their dog has encountered certain symptoms. The articles offer home remedies as well as a run- down of veterinary care and procedures that will treat the problem.

The food reviews also give visitors highly detailed information about the nutritional facts of the products that have been researched and what those facts mean, so that anyone who is seeking information will have a one-stop shop for all the knowledge necessary to make an informed consumer decision without have to spend time browsing around different sites. With articles such as the newly updated buyer's guide, anyone can learn about the specific nutrients Shih Tzus need and how to properly interpret food labels.

The advantage that visitors to the site will have is that the information published by The Shih Tzu expert has been carefully researched and tested by real individuals who really have a passion for pup health, which lets consumers find out what they need to know without footing all of that work themselves. Most pet owners or anyone who cares for animals will agree that being

misinformed or not knowing where to start to tackle particular health issues can be costly and lead to less-than-stellar experiences for both the animal and their human. Thus anyone seeking information on raising their Shih Tzu will be privy to not only the best products and practices, but also what to avoid as far as foods, medicines, health advice, etc.

You can visit to preview the extensive catalog of articles that Mr. Conrad has compiled. This site takes readers into the modern information age and provides a library of sophisticated knowledge on care for this specialized breed so that there's no risk of investing time and money into products or services that will not provide the solution that readers are looking for.

The Shih Tzu Expert's headquarters are in Seattle, WA.

The site was inspired by the author Adam Conrad's personal experiences with raising Shih Tzu dogs, and the desire to share this information with other pet caretakers from training and grooming to diet and health. The site is highly organized with in-depth information about products that have been reviewed and important issues to monitor.

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