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The Silver Trader Ranks First in Market Timing Service

The Silver Trader, an investment advisory service providing buy and sell signals for investors, has been ranked #1 among 392 advisory services.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 --, an independent tracking service that tracks and ranks market timing systems, ranked The Silver Trader as the #1 market timing service out of a total 392 participants for the last nine months. is a tracking service referred to by investors in studying the performance of market timing systems alongside the trends in the market. Highly ranked market timing services deliver results for their investments. It is important for investors to identify which service provides accurate timing to buy and sell based on signals from the market.

By closely monitoring market behavior (an activity that most investors do not have the time for) market timing services are able to provide investors opportunity to profit in both rising and falling markets, taking the emotion out of trading and investing. With a monthly subscription to the service, investors are able to time their decisions in a most profitable way, buying and selling at the most appropriate time, taking speculation out of the equation in the decision making process, and thereby maximizing their investment and contributing to the economy.

“The Silver Trader is proud to receive this recognition from Our main objective is to provide superior returns while protecting our subscribers’ capital. Our track record speaks for itself,” announced Mike Ricarte, The Silver Trader’s developer and owner. “We have worked hard to achieve superior results and will continue to do so.”

About The Silver Trader
The Silver Trader is a market timing service provider for investors operating out of Houston, Texas. It took Mike Ricarte five years to develop The Silver Trader, having been an investor himself for more than 25 years. Ricarte was a licensed stock broker at one time and he knows the need for an easy to follow system in investing. The newsletter's website is The company's email address is

Company: The Silver Trader
Company: Houston, TX