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The Simplification of Becoming a Millionaire: Life-Changing New Book Shuns Hype to Expose Realistic Route to Wealth

Written by retired financial advisor, Gary L. Clark, ‘The Simplification of Becoming a Millionaire’ doesn’t promise flashy cars and unlimited vacations overnight – but it does show how anyone with tenacity and discipline can amass great wealth with relative ease. Having grown up with nothing and turned himself and dozens of his clients into millionaires, Clark is the perfect mentor for those looking for true financial freedom.


Clermont, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- While financial guides have long been a staple of the literary world, many over-promise riches and leave readers without an extra penny to their name. Equally, many simply plug commercial ‘systems’ and investment programs that require readers to put forward large sums of cash to buy their way to future wealth. Financial advisor Gary L. Clark is a strong critic of such methods and, in his powerful new book, instead presents a plausible and proven way to amass wealth by taking simple, sensible steps.

Everything is exposed in ‘The Simplification of Becoming a Millionaire’ which does exactly as it says on the cover. Urging readers to recognize that they need to work for their wealth, Clark lays out a time-tested strategy that contains no get-rich-quick hype or fly-by-night schemes.

Back-cover synopsis:

This book tells the story of a poor boy who grew up in the small town of Summerfield, North Carolina. He was able to become a millionaire by putting in place strategies, and having the discipline to maintain those strategies throughout the stock market's up and downs.

The advice and strategies are simple, and if followed, can help almost anyone become a millionaire. Thus, The Simplification of Becoming a Millionaire was born

“I’m not selling a ‘system’ or product, but instead educating readers on where and when to put their money,” says Clark. “I’m very proud of the fact that each strategy has been tested over many years with both my own money and that of my clients. Together, many of us have become millionaires so I know it works. People just need to let go of the marketing BS of getting rich quick, and understand that they need to make smart decisions.”

Continuing, “The great news is that anyone willing to be disciplined, patient and non-emotional about the process can become a millionaire. However, they will need help. People shouldn’t be afraid to engage with finance professionals in the areas they are least confident in. The professionals have made the mistakes and know what works, and their fees can be quickly written off through the returns their advice provides.”

To date, readers have left extremely positive reviews. For example, Mabell commented, “I really enjoyed the book, it had a lot of good common sense information about saving and investing your money. I highly recommend the book for young people just starting out and how you can go about getting a nice nest egg for yourself.”

J. Otis Black believes the book is invaluable to the younger generation, adding, “It's simple to read and is good for young school children for a required reading class in middle school. Statements stated make sense and this is advice we all can use if exposed to it. Most economic books are too long and not an easy read. This is a good foundation to spur interest in students of all ages.”

‘The Simplification of Becoming a Millionaire’, published by Strategic Book Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1ox82v0.

About Gary L. Clark
After a career as a financial advisor and money manager, Gary L. Clark is retired and lives In Clermont, Florida, about 20 miles west of Orlando. He was Inspired to write his first book because of his personal success and the success that many of his clients also achieved by following simple strategies. It is a story he wanted to tell, and he hopes it will inspire others.